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Looking for an efficient Ted talks downloader but can’t seem to decide which one to use? Well, your search is over because now you have made it to the right website. With so many Downloaders on the web these days, it surely is a hard task to choose one. The Y2mate TED Video Downloader is an excellent free online tool that lets you download your favorite Ted talk audios or videos in the format of your choice. The best thing about it is that it does not require the installation of any software or any plugins. Even if you are not a very techno person, you can easily download the TED videos at the best quality via this service without any type of inconvenience. 

What is TED?

TED is a non-profit organization that conducts ted talks. The TED website contains speeches and presentations from the conference called TED (Technology, Entertainment, enjoyment, Design). Founded back in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks, the main idea of this website is ‘ideas worth spreading. Once you start using TED downloader, there is no going back as it easily explains a very complex subject to you. 

It calls for experts with expertise in fields like science, commerce, literature, music, and arts, etc. Even though you can watch TED videos online on its website, sometimes multiple people want to download the videos from the site to view them anytime they want and learn from it. In that case, you can use a TED Downloader in order to store the ted talks offline onto your device so you can watch them whenever you like. 

How to download TED talk with Y2mate TED Video Downloader? 

With our efficient service, you can download your desired TED videos with ease in high quality. This way, you can watch them later even when you don’t have an internet connection. So, follow these few easy steps and let our downloader do the rest of the job: 

More about our downloader

Our advanced Y2mate- TED Video downloader offers incredible service and goes straight to that TED page that contains the video you would like to download and directly extracts the MP4 links of the video. This site can help and will do the job guaranteed! So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the use of our free website without any sort of interruption. 

Where will my TED videos get saved after I download them using TED Video Downloader?

Usually, this question comes to mind that where does the video gets saved after we download it by using a website like a TED Video downloader. Well, the answer is that the videos get saved into whatever folder that you have set as your default. When you use our y2mate downloader for ted download videos then they get saved into your ‘downloads folder’ and even in your smartphones’ gallery. However, when you use your PC then the downloaded videos will get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your personal computer. 

Is TED Downloader a free service? 

Yes, the TED Video downloader is totally free and enables you to download your favorite TED videos directly without any worry in just a matter of seconds. As this website’s software is platform-independent, you can use it with your Android, Mac, Linux PC, and even IOS (iPhone). 

How many video sites does Y2mate support? 

Currently, Y2mate supports more than 30 popular video sites including Vimeo, Bandcamp, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Dailymotion, 9GAG, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Mashable, and many more.

Will my identity stay anonymous if I download my videos using TED Video Downloader?

Yes, this website does not keep track of the user’s history so your identity will remain anonymous. The Y2mate- TED Video Downloader does not require signing up or logging- in anywhere. We also do not store the TED video that you choose to download nor do we keep a copy of it.


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