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Facebook stories are short collections of videos and photos that users make and that disappear after 24 hours. You can find a lot of interesting and educational stories on Facebook. These stories Fb may be videos and pictures of something important, so they could be important. But you can’t just download a video story from FB. To download FB stories, you need a good tool. You’ve come to the right place. We have made a tool Facebook Stories Download that lets you save Facebook story. In a few seconds, you can use our free online Facebook Story Downloader/Saver to look at and download any Facebook user’s story and see what they’ve been up to.

Facebook Story Saver/ Downloader

Why do we need a Facebook story saver and downloader?

It would be great if you could save your favorite Facebook videos so that you could watch them at any time. Then get ready to cross it off your list. Our Fb Video Downloader does a good job, not just at letting you download as many Facebook videos as you want, but also at making sure that the whole process is simple and hassle-free.

How to download Facebook story video by using the Facebook story downloader?

When it comes to displaying content, Facebook’s charm and uniqueness make it a great place for people to go. When we scroll through Facebook stories every day, we sometimes want to save FB videos that we see. However, Facebook doesn’t let you save a Facebook Story. But, you can still save Facebook Stories. Facebook story saver online tools make it very easy to save a Facebook Story. Y2mate.me lets you get stories without having to register or sign up.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Facebook
Open facebook. Right-click on the story link and choose to copy the link address.

copy fb story url

Step 2: Open y2mate FB story downloader.
Open y2mate FB story downloader and paste the story link in the box. Then click “Save.”

open facebook story downloader

Step 3: Click on Download Button
Click on Download button to Select Resolution.

click on Download button

Step 4: Select Resolution
You can choose the quality of the video and Download Facebook Story

Download Facebook story

Key Features of Facebook Story Downloader

Mentioned below are some of the main features of Fb story saver:

Free of cost

Facebook story saver is a free, web-based FB stories download tool that lets you save your favorite Facebook videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone so that you can watch them later without having to be online.

No installation required

Story saver Facebook doesn’t need you to install any software or apps on your computer or smartphone. As soon as we get your video link, we’ll take care of all the work for you so that you only have to click and save the Fb story videos to your device.

No restrictions

The Fb story downloader is always online and can be used at any time without having to meet any rules or restrictions. You also don’t have to sign up for an account on our website to use it.

Easy to use

When we made this Facebook story download online tool, our goal was to make it as easy as possible for anyone to grab a Facebook video they like and quickly turn it into a file that can be stored on their computer. Then you can go to this story saver Fb and quickly download Facebook stories. You can keep doing what you want on Facebook while doing that.

Quick downloading

Fb story saver online is by far the best and fastest tool for downloading Facebook videos that you’ll ever come across. How quickly? You can use our system to convert, download facebook reels and send back the results in the same way that videos are streamed. This type of system is based on the fact that you can download a file even though the server hasn’t finished processing it yet.

Benefits of using Facebook Story Downloader/Saver

Here are the amazing benefits of our Fb Story viewer & downloader:

Boundless inspiration for your future content

Are you scrolling through Stories and then coming across good content or an idea for how to use it? So, the best way to keep everything in your head is to save it somewhere safely (a gallery on your phone or a separate folder created on your pc). So even in the darkest of times, you won’t run out of ideas when you’re writing content that will make people want to buy.

Useful info for your better marketing campaign

Among so much information on the internet, it can be hard to figure out which is the most important for you to look at. Information from your favorite people or people who are competing with you can be useful. Because there is a lot of information out there, you can also find a good story with good content that you can use to improve your online sales.

Re-share a like-minded user’s Story with your target audience

Resharing is a great way to get people excited and make them more interested. As a bonus, by posting content from the user’s Story (by tagging it, of course), you show that you care about and respect them, which increases the chances of working together again. Users in your niche can talk freely about their needs and wants.

Your valuable information is in a safe place

A treasure chest full of useful information is cool, agree? Don’t forget anything and only think about what’s important to you.

Access stored content anytime and anywhere

It’s a good idea to save your Facebook Stories so that you can look at them later without having to go back to Facebook and without getting distracted by other notifications, too. So even if you’re on a long trip and don’t have internet, you can still take advantage and look through the content.


Facebook stories are the most natural format that has worked well for digital marketers, and many businesses already use them as a key part of their content plan. The best way to get good results on Facebook is to know how the algorithm works and use the right content and keep improving your visual designs by using gifs, videos, and different story templates. We’ve found that there are a lot of unique metrics for this format that needs to be kept track of and analyzed to improve any future campaign that includes both organic and paid Facebook stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an example of a story that you can Downloader a web-based platform that can be used for a lot of different things. This means that you can use any operating system, browser, or device to get to it, even mobile devices.

On your computer, tablet, or smartphone, your downloaded story files will be stored in the folder that you have set as your default save location. You can change this folder at any time.

No, you can’t. But you have to wait until the live stream is over before you can copy the link and follow the steps above.

When you use our Facebook story saver, and story downloader Facebook doesn’t store or keeps copies of the stories you make there. All of the stories are on Facebook’s servers. Our job is to help you get them quickly. Neither of us, on the other hand, keeps a record of the download history of our users.

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