Facebook Reels Downloader

What is Facebook?

Before discussing the Facebook reels downloader online free tool you have to know about Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that is frequently used by people. This platform allows its users to connect with people throughout the world within a minute. Now the whole world is in your pocket just because of this amazing platform. 

Facebook has many features in which you can upload, share, and save photos and videos. You can also chat with people through text messages, video calls, and audio calls. By using this platform you are able to recognize other people’s hobbies and interests by talking with them. You can install this social media app from the play store and then create your FB account.

After you create the account, you can post anything and make friends by sending requests to them. If you admire someone like any blogger or actor then you can send a friend request to them and when they accept it you can easily see their daily stories and posts. FB is the best way to explore things and see unique and new ways to learn various tasks.

Facebook Reels Downloader
Facebook Reels Downloader

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels are short clips of video features on Facebook. This feature is present in the new version of the Facebook application. In these FB reels, there are some videos with background music and some great reality effects. These FB reels appear on the news feed of your Facebook account or page. These are similar to Instagram reels but they are limited to 60 seconds and FB reels limited to 30 seconds. Facebook reels are set to be public so that everyone who is over 18 can easily watch the facebook reels. Sometimes, people change the settings and everyone can see them even the people who are under 18.

Now Facebook introduced a new manner in which Instagram reels creators also present their reels on Facebook. This happens only when you have a massive fan following and more viewers. Instagram gives them a good opportunity to express their reels to Facebook. Facebook reels creators also earn money by uploading their short clip videos. In accordance with Facebook’s announced plan, FB announce to pay $1 billion at the end of 2022 to the most well-known reel creators.  If you upload eye-catching content in your reels then your fan following improve and your videos get more likes, comment, and share.

How to make an eye-catching Facebook reel?

For an eye-catching Facebook reel, you can search any song from the Facebook music library and then put it into your reel videos. You can also record your favorite music and put it as the background music to your background music. Also, add a few real effects to your FB reels. 

You can also set a timer to record clips or videos. By using this Facebook reel app You can also slow down or speed up the video while recording it. You are able to select a specific part from different video clips from Facebook while making FB reels, keep in mind one thing your content must be unique and eye-catching. So, the audience attracts to your content easily.

What is Facebook Reels Downloader?

While using Facebook, you watch various reels, videos, posts, etc. suddenly you saw a reel video on Facebook, and you do not know how to Facebook reel download. You can’t download them directly from Facebook because Facebook didn’t allow its users to download FB reels online content from FB directly. Then here you search for Facebook reels downloaders and ways how to download reels from Facebook?

 A lot of people want a download reel FB tool that downloads their favorite Facebook reels. Then here inventors design a Facebook reel downloader online tool that is suitable for downloading Facebook reels. You can easily download your desired Facebook reel video by using Facebook Video Downloader. The most impressive thing about this Fb reel downloader tool is that you can use its amazing features without even paying a single penny. No login information, no password, no fee asked, and no unwanted ad is involved in this tool. 

Many people search for the tools to download their favorite Facebook videos, Facebook reels, and Facebook Stories. You can download them by using our Facebook video downloader and Facebook story downloader and saver. Which are available on our website y2mate.me.

How to Download FB reel by using our Facebook Reels Downloader?

Facebook has also introduced the Short Videos and Reels feature on its platform. You can easily watch them on the app as well as the desktop website. It is similar to Youtube shorts and Instagram Reels. Yet, users can find a dedicated section for Reels on the Facebook app but you need to search for FB reels video on the desktop version. 

Our downloader offers you to download FB reels on your device within a few seconds by using the Facebook reel downloader online free tool. The FB reel downloader tool offers a simple user interface and lets users download videos in HD and SD quality. Here is how you can download FB reels using our Y2mate downloader:

Step 1: Copy the URL and Go to our Website

The first step you have to do is open the Facebook app and select the reel you want to download. Then, copy its link and open our Fb reels video downloader on your device.

Step 2: Paste the Link

Simply paste the URL that you copied earlier in the search box section of our FB reels downloader.

Step 3: Select the Quality

Select the video quality in which you like to download reels Fb video. Our Fb reels video downloader will ask you to download the Reels in HD or SD quality.

Step 4: Download the Reel

After choosing the video quality, click on the Fb reels video download icon and your reel will start downloading in a second.

Features of FB Reels Downloader

There are many features of our Facebook reels download online tool. A few of them are explained below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many videos I can save by using this reels downloader?

You can download as many FB reels as you want by using this tool without facing any difficulty. You can also save multiple reels videos instantly. This Facebook downloader reels tool is very simple to use, you have to just paste your favorite reel’s link and your video will start downloading within a few seconds.

Where can I find downloaded reels on my device?

If you are using a mobile phone then your downloaded reels are going into the gallery of your mobile. But if you are using an iPhone, Tablet, or PC then the downloaded videos go into the memory or hard drive of your device. You can also set the particular folder where you can put your downloaded reels individually. You can simply set the folder where you want to put your downloaded reels.

Is your downloader save the copy of downloaded reels?

Of course Not, our download reels Facebook is a secure tool which is why it can not save a copy of the downloaded reels. Our downloader respects the privacy of the video makers. So, if you want that no one will see the download history then you can change the privacy setting. Our tool never keeps or stores copies of the downloaded reels.

Should I pay to use this reels downloader?

This tool is completely free of cost. You don’t have to pay any amount to use its services. No log-in or sign-up process is required to use it. The only thing you have to do is paste the video URL that you want to download. And, your video will start downloading without paying any penny.

Can this tool download FB reels in their original quality?

The best feature of this downloader is downloading Facebook reels and short videos in their original quality. You can save video reels in Full HD quality, mp4 quality, or format. Various formats are available in this reel Facebook downloader, you can download your desired reel in different formats according to your needs and requirements.


In this era of social media, Facebook become the most visited social media site all over the world. People advertise their products and business online so that people easily find out about their new launching product with the help of this platform. As we know, Online business become a trend which is why people create various pages on Facebook and present their services.

Facebook has also become a quick way to explore new things and tricks. By contacting people from all over the world you can easily share your hobbies and interest with other people. While you are using Facebook you see various reels and short videos and suddenly you want to download one of them for offline viewing. In this article, we discussed above the best tool that downloads your desired reels with high-quality Facebook. This tool is more reliable and quick than other downloading tools.

This article contains all information about the FB reels downloader. I hope this article helps you to understand the Facebook reels video download, convenient or easy downloading methods, its amazing features, and some frequently asked questions that the audience asks about the reel Facebook downloader. Keep sharing this content with your friends and family.

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