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Online free Bandcamp Music Downloader: 

If you are looking for a good Bandcamp Audio Downloader then you have come to the right website. Y2mate- Bandcamp Music Downloader is an excellent online tool that allows you to download videos from Bandcamp with ease. It is a great web service that lets its users download their favorite Bandcamp videos in various formats (MP4, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, MP3, and JPG) and qualities (HD, SD). To use this tool, you don’t even need to download or install any sort of software or plugin either.

What is Bandcamp?

Founded in 2008, Bandcamp is an online music platform and store that many independent artists are using these days to sell their music and merchandise directly to their customers in physical and digital formats. This music platform is free to join, without any limit to how much information or audio you can upload on the website. 

Just like SoundCloud, once you have uploaded your content on Bandcamp, you continue to own your own publishing and copyright. It is also a great source for artists to earn money as it is simple, smart, and easy to use as well. Bandcamp is used by millions of fans, artists of more than 3,000 labels around the globe!

If you want to download the Bandcamp videos onto your device with no trouble then you can use a Bandcamp Audio Downloader to do so. There are a lot of Downloaders these days on the internet that makes it even harder to know which one is safe and reliable. But not to worry because you can download your desired Bandcamp videos by using the Y2mate- Bandcamp Music Downloader and watch them later even when you are not online. It doesn’t require installing any app or changing the settings.  

All you have to do is copy the ‘URL’ of the video that you wish to download and paste it in the search box given right next to it and click on the ‘download icon’. Our advanced free Bandcamp Music Downloader online goes directly to the Bandcamp page and extracts the MP4 links of the video that you chose. So, enjoy the use of a fast and cost-free website! 

How can I download a Bandcamp Video?

How to use the Y2mate- Bandcamp Music Downloader? 

To download your desired videos, use this powerful downloader with ease by just following these few quick steps: 

Can I download the Bandcamp videos in more than one format?

Yes, you can download the Bandcamp videos in multiple formats. You can download it in different formats including MP4, M4A, MP3, 3GP, WEBM, and JPG. You are given various available options on each video in terms of the format. Just click on the one that you need and the downloader will do the rest. 

Is Y2mate- Bandcamp Music Downloader a free service? 

Yes, this Bandcamp Audio downloader is completely cost-free and lets you download your desired Bandcamp videos without any worry in just a matter of seconds. As this software is platform-independent, you can use it with your Android, Mac, Linux PC, and even IOS (iPhone). 

Where will my videos get saved after I download them using Y2mate- Bandcamp Audio Downloader?

When you use Y2mate- Bandcamp Music Downloader to download your desired videos, they usually get saved in whatever folder you have set as your ‘default’. On your mobile phone, the video will get saved in the ‘downloads folder’ or the gallery of your phone. But when you will use your computer too, they’ll get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your PC. 

Does Y2mate support other sites? 

Yes, Y2mate is currently supporting more than 20 popular video sites including Ted, TikTok, Instagram, Buzzfeed, 9GAG, Dailymotion, Facebook, Break, Twitter, and others.

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