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These pictures show that puberty was good for these people



At least once in their lives, everyone goes through a hard time. A time when they don’t like how they look or can’t talk to other people “normally.” Most people go through that awkward stage when they are teenagers. People can go in looking one way and come out looking and feeling very different. The following people, on the other hand, changed so much when they reached puberty that they are almost unrecognizable.

Find Your Glow

This young woman managed to change herself in a big way, and these two pictures show how happy we are for her. We think she looks great in the picture on the left, but she might not agree. She doesn’t look very happy in the picture, and she seems to be wondering why the photographer is taking a picture of her. In the picture on the right, that feeling is no longer there at all. She looks a lot more sure of herself now, and even though she’s not smiling, you can tell she knows she looks good.

That Hair Though

Here’s another picture that shows that a lot of the childlike things we do when we’re young will eventually go away. In the picture on the left, the girl has chubby cheeks. After her transformation, those cheeks are gone. But that’s not the only thing that has disappeared. The whole hairstyle is different, and we definitely like the new one. If you’ve seen or read anything about the X-Men, you know what we’re talking about. It’s crazy to think about how a few small things can make a huge difference in how you look. We’re glad she kept the same style of eyelashes, which look great with her outfit in the second photo.

Changes in every way

It took us a second to figure out what was going on in these pictures. Some people can start feeling awkward much earlier than their teens. The girl on the left looks like a pretty normal, happy kid. On the other hand, the girl on the right has changed a lot. Even the mood of the two pictures is different. The one on the right is much more serious, while the one on the left looks like a normal family picture. The girl on the right is also very sure of herself. In fact, for some reason, the picture on the right makes us think of a ballerina. But maybe it’s just the way she’s dressed.

A Good Picture All Around

Some of the people in the pictures on this list look like they don’t want to be photographed, but not in this one. In both of these pictures, the girl is smiling from head to toe. And that makes it seem kind of good. The girl looks just as happy as an adult as she does as a teenager, which is not true for everyone at that age. In both photos, we also really like what she’s wearing. In the picture on the left, the polka dots and pearls match her sunny personality, while the clothes on the right are bright and summery.

Maturity is more than just a trait

When people say someone is mature, they often talk about how they act. But what you wear and how you act also say a lot about how mature you are. This girl is a good example, and it looks like she decided at some point to change her style and hair. The result is pretty crazy, and we’re not sure we’d be able to tell that the two photos are of the same person if we didn’t see them side by side. The blonde hair and look of the 1990s also work well here. We like the plaid shirt she’s wearing in the second photo, and we wonder if she could help us with some of our own outfits.

From Smooth to Wavy

When you look at a picture of someone when they were young, it can be hard to imagine what they might look like in 20 or 30 years. But there is a clear link between these two photos. It looks like this girl has always taken care of her hair. Even though the pink hair is pretty cool, the photo on the right is definitely a more grown-up look. It would also be cool to mix the two and add some flair to the curly style. On the other hand, this girl isn’t only interested in her hair. Just look at those plaid shirts.

Changes that are easy to make can make a big difference

Changes that are easy to make can sometimes make all the difference. We’ve seen this idea at work in a few of the photos we’ve looked at so far, and this change is no different. Just by dying her hair a different colour, the girl in the picture did a lot. Even though not everyone can pull off purple hair, she can, and it makes her look completely different from the picture on the left. Her purple hair also looks great with her skin. Let’s not forget the nose ring either. With just these two small changes, we have a whole new look.

A Jaw-Dropping Change

It’s pretty hard to believe that the same person is in both of these pictures. But this shows what someone can do when they really try. We don’t know why this young man decided to change his look, but in the picture on the right, he looks more confident and in better shape. In the picture on the right, he even has some pretty cool tattoos. Literally nothing about this guy looks the same as it did when he was a teenager. We really wish we had been able to go to his high school reunion.

A new look that is bright and sunny

Sometimes the best way to improve your look (and your photos) is to make everything a little brighter. The picture on the left is nice, but it’s a little dark and blurry. This young woman seems to have figured that out, because she now has red hair, it’s sunny outside, and she wears brightly coloured clothes. It makes a big difference in the photo and, to be honest, makes the two pictures look like they are of two different people. The photo on the right also gives off a confident vibe, which is probably helped by all the bright colours. Even though the faces in these two photos look like they belong to the same person, it would be hard to tell if they weren’t next to each other.

When Your Teens Graduated

Unlike most of the other photos on this list, it doesn’t look like these two were taken too far apart. But that just makes this change even more unexpected. Even though the young woman looks happy and lively in both pictures, it looks like she chose to change her look at some point. She changed her hair colour and style, and she went from glasses to contacts. Can we take a moment to look at the father in these pictures? From what I can see, it’s clear where she gets her good vibes. Everything about these two pictures is just so sweet.

Another Change That Can’t Be Believed

This young woman also went through an awkward time in her life, but she was able to completely change herself. In the picture on the left, you can almost feel the worry. Her stance is wrong, and she doesn’t look like she’s having fun. The picture on the right, though, is the exact opposite. We don’t know what happened between these two pictures, but we’re sure it was a lot of hard work. No matter what happened, we’re glad she found the confidence she’s showing off in the second photo. Everything looks very well put together, from the earrings to the dress.

Another Unbelievable Transformation

Speaking of awkward stages in one’s life, this young woman managed to completely transform herself as well. You can almost feel the anxiety in the photo on the left. Her positioning is off and she does not seem to be enjoying herself. However, the photo on the right is the complete opposite and we don’t know what happened in the time between these two photos were taken but we’re sure it involved a lot of hard work. Whatever happened, we’re really glad she managed to find all that confidence she’s showing off in the second picture. Everything from the earrings to the dress looks very well put together. 

From a sweet little girl to a strong young woman

Before we talk about these two pictures, we just want to say that the ice cream in the left picture looks amazing. In fact, everything in the picture on the left looks very healthy and happy. Even though the photo on the right is beautiful, it gives off a very different vibe. But when we say that, we mean good vibes. The woman in the picture seems as sure of herself as any other on this list. She also seems like someone who isn’t afraid to say what they think, which is a great quality in a person.

Some are born with it, while others work hard to get it.

One of the most surprising things about this list so far is how much the men have changed. Here’s another example of what can be done if you’re willing to put in the effort. This guy went through a huge change, and again, the only reason we think these two pictures are of the same person is because they are right next to each other.

Casual And Confident

The girl’s pose in the second picture really shows how far she’s come since the first picture. It almost makes it look easy, but we know for sure that her change was not. We think she looks gorgeous in the picture on the left, but she looks a lot more confident in the picture on the right. We mean, look at how she’s dressed in the second picture. We also like her style a lot. The white Converse shoes and black t-shirt are a classic match, and they add a cool touch to her look of easy confidence.

Happy Is An Attitude

These are the kinds of pictures that really make us smile. When someone looks happy even before they change, it shows a lot about who they are, and the young girl in the picture on the left looks like any other happy kid. So it’s even better when they grow up to look as beautiful as the girl in the picture on the right. In the picture on the right, she also looks really sure of herself, and we dig her outfit. The pink ties everything together, and the blue background and pose look great with it.

Before And After

It’s like this young woman knew she was going to look beautiful in the future, so she took a selfie to get ready. Even the way she’s making faces makes it look like she’s saying something. We think she looks great, but in the picture on the left, she doesn’t look very happy. In the picture on the right, it’s good that everything changes after a few years. She got rid of her glasses and started dressing and styling her hair in a much more mature way. She also seems much more sure of herself, which is always nice to see.

Accept who you are

This photo is a little different from most of the others on this list, but it also has one of the best lessons. The person in the picture on the left doesn’t look happy at all. They look really unsure of themselves, which is sad. But the person in the picture on the right is a totally different person than the one on the left. They look 10 times more confident and comfortable in their own skin. It’s great that they finally figured out how to be themselves, and the tattoos are really cool. The eyelashes are also really cool, and all in all, this is a very heartwarming comparison.

It’s all in how you stand

Again, it’s amazing what a little sunshine and a simple pose can do for a photo. In the picture on the left, the girl clearly looks like most of us did when we were younger and had to sit there and wait for someone to take a photo that we didn’t want to be in. Her smile is there, but you can tell her heart isn’t. But the photo on the right makes her look so much more confident and gives off a totally different vibe. It also helps that there’s some sun in the photo. Not to mention that her style is on point in the second photo. Her skin colour looks great in the purple dress.

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