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These Celebrity Couples Did Some Bizaree Things In The Name Of Love



As Meatloaf put it best, “I would do anything for affection”. While the vast majority of us will generally concur with the heartfelt assertion, we amount to nothing, nor are we truly fit for anything. However, that verse takes another significance when essentially perpetual cash meets withdrawn stars-which should be the reason superstars have done a few really crazy things for the sake of affection. Have you at any point done anything this insane, or did these celebs go excessively far? Peruse on to see with your own eyes!

We All Got Scared When Will Smith Got In One Little Fight 

You realize we needed to get going with a bang, or for this situation, a slap. Will Smith truly stirred up the Oscars this year when humorist Chris Rock made a joke pointed at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bare head (which she has expressed is brought about by alopecia). While Will originally had all the earmarks of being giggling, we as a whole saw Jada’s inconvenience and he should have, as well. What followed must be portrayed as the slap heard all over the planet.

To protect his significant other, Will walked in front of an audience and gave Chris Rock a colossal smack to the face, trailed by a strained trade that caused significant kickback. Will later apologized and said it himself: “Love will cause you to do insane things”.

Kanye Is Sporting A Kim Look-Alike… While Publicly Begging Kim To Come Back

We know, we know, regardless of whether love is involved Kanye can’t avoid being Kanye. Be that as it may, his way of behaving encompassing his split from Kim Kardashian has been truly unusual and, surprisingly, a piece troubling. Perpetual posts about needing Kim back are a certain something yet when Kanye purchased the house nearby to her, freely compromised her new playmate, and has just dated ladies with a striking likeness to Kim, we believe now is the right time to get control it over.

We trust these two can calmly push ahead for their children, yet meanwhile, we’ll be invigorating online entertainment to see what insane thing Ye does straightaway.

Pete Davidson Is Ready To Fight For Kim

Talking about Kim Kardashian, her new sweetheart has additionally exceeded everyone’s expectations for her. In addition to the fact that he confronted Kanye West, yet the SNL star likewise marked Kim’s name onto his body-indeed, a genuine marking. He likewise got a few tattoos for her, as she uncovered on the Ellen show. Kim is a delight, yet genuinely, what is this lady’s confidential to causing men to do such insane things for her?

We know material young lady Kim loves a decent brand name, yet presently her name is a strict brand. We trust these two last so Pete didn’t consume himself for no good reason!

The couple Angelina Jolie And Billy Bob Had Vials Of Each Others Blood

The 20-year age hole between these two was, shockingly, not the most peculiar detail of their relationship. Billy-Bob Thornton conceded he was “apprehensive” of Jolie, and perhaps understandably: she concocted the plan to cut their fingers open, combine their blood as one, and wear it in vials around every others necks. Call us dated, however we think they might have recently adhered to wedding rings as an indication of dedication.

One more tomfoolery insight concerning this weird couple? Angelina Jolie was in a stir ward up until their wedding which occurred while Billy-Bob was as yet drawn in to individual entertainer Laura Dern.

Offset Crashed Cardi B’s Concert To Apologize

After a wild relationship loaded with ups, downs, and swindling outrages, presently a couple Cardi B and Offset were on the outs when she was performing at the Rolling Loud celebration in 2018. Counterbalance obviously concluded that was the ideal opportunity for a great motion to save their relationship, and he crashed her set with a presentation that said “take me back Cardi”. The pair had a noticeably tense off-mic discussion, he left, and she completed her set like a genuine expert.

While this didn’t appear to work at that point, we’re glad to say two or three has since reunited and, surprisingly, invited a subsequent youngster. They appear to be content, and we genuinely want to believe that they remain as such.

Robin Thicke Made An Entire Album To Win His Ex-Wife, Paula, Back

Robin Thicke Made An Entire Album To Win His Ex-Wife, Paula, Back

Did you realize these two are secondary school darlings? We sure didn’t. The pair met in 2005 at ages 14 and 15, and as you can figure, had bunches of growing up to do together. As Thicke’s vocation fired exploding with the hit Blurred Lines, his marriage began to disintegrate. By 2014 the pair had separated with charges of medication use and actual maltreatment being the center explanation. Heartbreaking! Yet, Robin wasn’t prepared to abandon his darling.

In 2014 following their detachment he delivered the collection named you got it-Paula. Patton wasn’t intrigued by this final desperate attempt and the couple both continued on and presently appear to be cheerfully co-nurturing their child.

Kanye Gifted Kim A $40,000 Bag… Then, at that point, Painted On It

One more illustration of the insane things men will accomplish for Kim Kardashian. In 2013, Kanye gifted Kim a Birkin sack assessed to be worth about $40,000. We know, that in itself is a crazy gift, correct? All things considered, in obvious Kanye style, he made it a stride further. He had George Condo, a renowned craftsman and companion of his, hand paint the sack. Envision screwing up on such a costly material? That is a ton of strain!

While the Kardashians aren’t known for conserving, we’re actually amazed by the lavishness of this gift. It seems like Pete Davidson might have a quite huge shoes to fill!

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Need To Be Stopped

It resembles these two are in a contest with themselves to be as cringey as could really be expected. We don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin with the peculiar conduct the world has been compelled to observer between these two, however we should check it out. What about the way that during their most memorable experience, when the entertainer commented that Kelly resembled weed, he answered: “I’m weed.” Unfortunately for us all, it got significantly more bizarre from that point.

In addition to the fact that Kelly wears a pendant containing Megan’s blood, however the pair likewise DRANK each other’s blood during their commitment. Discussing, Megan’s ring is intended to damage would it be advisable for her she choose to eliminate it. Yowser!

Joe Jonas Got A Tattoo Of His Wife Sophie Turner’s Face

Joe really has different tattoos committed to his significant other, Sophie. The two got hitched in 2019 and as of now have one child and one more coming, so it looks like up until this point, no second thoughts. She even got one of his initials tatted! It seems as though these two are in it for the long stretch, and we certainly expect that is valid in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that kids are a lifetime responsibility tattoos are as well!

Beside bringing up their girl and getting matching tattoos, these two don’t appear to do anything strange and appear to carry on with a calm life. Appears to be a recipe for progress on the off chance that you ask us

Whitney Houston Gave Bobby Brown A Hall Pass Before Their Wedding

Gracious Whitney, how we miss you. While the genius will constantly live on in our recollections, it’s implied she experienced her difficulties. One of them being her significant other, Bobby Brown. There’s no denying the two were terrible for one another and understanding what we realize now about Whitney’s life makes their relationship significantly more troubled. For most couples, cheating is a dealbreaker, yet not really for these two. Before they marry, Whitney allowed Bobby to do anything he desired to dive into it.

This included wild gatherings and lots of ladies. While we wish he made a point to focus on it, obviously, he didn’t. Their wild relationship went on for a really long time as the pair empowered one another, and we as a whole know the result.

Scarlett Johansson Gave Ryan Reynolds A Piece Of Her…

Did you likewise fail to remember these two were hitched? While they’ve both now cheerfully continued on and wedded incredible matches, the two were once one. During this time Scarlett needed to get Ryan an exceptional birthday present where she concocted this thought is impossible to say. For some odd explanation, the entertainer took her as of late taken out shrewdness tooth, had it plunged in gold, hung on a neckband, and skilled it to her then-spouse.

We know Ryan Reynolds for his senseless comical inclination, so perhaps this is only a strange inside joke we don’t have any idea? One way or the other, we’d have wanted to have been listening in without anyone noticing when he got this odd gift.

Ben Affleck Spent Over $15,000 On Ads For JLo While She Was Still Married To Someone Else

In 2002, preceding Bennifer graced the world (interestingly), they were simply co-stars. Jennifer Lopez was as yet hitched to then-spouse Cris Judd when Ben Affleck spilled out lots of cash in commercials saluting her for winning ShoWest’s Female Star of the Year and giving her commendations. Soon after, she separated from her better half and the two turned into a couple. Inside the space of months they were locked in, however ultimately separated and wedded others. We thought we’d said a final farewell to them.

Ben Affleck Spent Over $15,000 On Ads For JLo While She Was Still Married To Someone Else

Ben, nonetheless, as we’ve learned is persevering almost 20 years after the fact Bennifer is back and the pair appear to be more grounded than any time in recent memory (and have some way or another scarcely aged?!). We trust this time it sticks!

Michael Jackson Wouldn’t Let Lisa-Marie Presley See Him Without Makeup

No, you didn’t peruse that the incorrect strategy for getting around. Obviously, the King of Pop was so terrified of Lisa-Marie seeing him without cosmetics, he even wore it to bed and keeping in mind that the two were cozy. As indicated by Presley, in the event that his cosmetics some way or another fell off, he would screech and take off to reapply. Discussing screaming in the room, clearly Jackson got a kick out of the chance to sing in the room until the deed was finished.

While that doesn’t seem like the most terrible thing on the planet coming from somebody as gifted as Michael Jackson, it’s peculiar and a piece miserable that he had such severe standards for closeness with his own significant other. Might it be said that he was ever OK with himself?

Taylor Swift Bought A 4. 9 Million Dollar House Next To Conor Kennedy’s

Our  songstress isn’t new to heartfelt motions that is what the greater part of her tunes are about, all things considered. Nonetheless, she might have taken this one excessively far. After just a month and a half of dating, the star burned through 4.9 million bucks on a chateau close to the Kennedy family’s Cape Cod compound. We’ve all gotten energized over another relationship, yet that is all in all too much, and Conor suspected as much, as well.

We’ll give Taylor a pass and credit this one to energy and youthfulness. All things considered, she was just 22 and Conor 18. Fortunately, she had the option to sell the house and create a pleasant gain.

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