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26 Plus stories of entitled maneuvers of parents and family members which will astonish you 



Hey fellas, here are survey results and opinions of the people who replied to us about how their parents behaved typically and embarrassed themselves among people. Why parents and family members show entitled attitudes is just been depicted here in these immensely funny stories. So, let’s just get started,

1. “My father picked up the phone at a very peculiar moment while doing a live show. He did not even realize that he was doing such a huge mistake. Even doing that in a school play would be impolite, but he did it for the fricking *Broadway*. I felt humiliated, and I told him to turn it off right away (as did my mom on the other side of me). He told me/us to keep quiet, claiming that if he could hear us, he could finish the call faster. I pleaded with him to take it outside, but all he did was lean away from me and finish the call.”

“When I said that you were doing something never happened in the history of TV, he reproach me and said I should avoid calling him during show times.”

– Anonymous

2. “My mama was afraid and ergonomic during a pandemic and piled the store shelves with too many toilet papers and rolls to be used in difficult times. We had 70 rolls of toilet paper at home at one time. She’d take me grocery shopping, at the very least. We would arrive at 7:00 a.m. for opening to avoid crowds since she wanted to be the first in line (she would get upset even if we were the second or third in line). She came across travel-sized hand sanitizers in a strange part of the store one day and took ten because there was no item restriction sign. The cashier told her she could only have two when we arrived at the checkout. ‘Well, I work as a nurse,’ my mother responded without hesitation.

“I assumed silence over such a display of cunning attitude of my mother. The cashier gave her five. I understand my mother’s desire to protect us, but she can be overbearing at times.” -Anonymous 

3. “We were indulged in rehearsal dinner. My grandfather stabbed the waitress in the hand with his fork and chastised her for clearing the table while we were still eating. No one in the family (there were over 15 individuals at the table) said anything and pretended that everything was OK. They didn’t even take a breather in their chat. My mother warned us not to do that at home (I was 9 at the time), but it seemed acceptable for Grandpa to assault someone who was simply doing their job.”_Anonymous 

“It is a disturbing fact that people do not take the honor of waiters seriously and rebroke them in front of everyone for not removing the dishes. As an adult, I tip any server generously since I remember SOBs like my grandfather and am aware of the hardships that servers face daily. I’m sorry you had to see my grandfather’s abuse if you’re that server. He’s no longer here to wreak havoc on the next generation of servers.”


4. “Father-in-law arranged for dinner of the whole family by inviting everyone to same night – 13 people, no reservations.” When they couldn’t seat us right away, he was enraged. The hostess informed us that they only had booths and that they couldn’t handle a large party at one table, but that if we waited a few minutes, they would be able to arrange booths adjacent to each other. He became enraged and stormed out. My father-in-law looked a little smug when the manager came sprinting out as we were getting into the car, but the manager offered him a card and instructed him to phone that number next time for a reservation. He was enraged, and as we drove away, he began complaining about how he thought the situation was unfair.”

5. “My mom has this strange habit. She goes to google and searches for whatever I had revealed to her. But if I do that, I’ll become argumentative and feel compelled to “always be right.” One of the classes I’m taking in nursing school is on drug addictions. When I explained to my mother how cocaine is extracted from coca leaves using kerosene and gasoline, she argued with me for two days and stated that was only an inexpensive sort of cocaine. No way, mama. Regardless of the ultimate product’s quality, all coca plant leaves are soaked in kerosene or gasoline.”_Anonymous

6. “My mother’s younger sister. We were on a plane together with her 5-year-old son in the seat in front of us when he began kicking the chair in front of him quite violently. ‘Hey buddy, don’t do that,’ I shouted, and she yelled at me. ‘These seats were paid for by us. He is free to do whatever he wants.’ As if the person in front of us hadn’t already paid for their seat? You don’t get to act like a jerk just because you paid to be there.”_Anonymous 

7. “My husband said that I was looking ugly cow at a party right after I gave birth to my son. I was so shocked at his tone which showed that he meant everything he said to me, I wanted to slap him right away but I controlled myself in front of people and guests.”_Anonymuos 

8. “I’m going to track down that guy today and tell him about my mother’s mental illness. But, no matter how bad her mental state is, there’s no excuse for the obscenities she hurled at him. I know I was a youngster and wasn’t to blame, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling of guilt. Every day, I try to make amends for her wrongdoings.”_Anonymous 

9. “My mother came from a very poor family, but she married my father, who ‘pulled himself up by his bootstraps and became quite wealthy, which is a statistical oddity and not a sociological notion I believe in. My mother, I suppose, forgot where she came from and how individuals from difficult backgrounds suffer…or maybe she didn’t want to remember. It became a habit for her to verbally attack the workers at fast food places as we drove through the drive-thru. She’d yell and tell them they were servants who had to wait for her response on her terms. I recall driving past a fast food window and shaking my head, sobbing, and mouthing “I’m sorry” to the worker, but he was unforgiving of a 13-year-old me.”

10. “The pizza we ordered was very late. It was making my grandma hungry and voracious. She became enraged! I was completely humiliated. I mean, I get irritated when fast food orders are delivered late or incorrectly, but I still treat the staff/drivers with respect. She contacted them back to inform them that we had received the wrong pizza and that they were completely worthless. ‘So, we’ll have to wait another hour for your fuck up?’ she asked. ‘Shiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” _Anomymous 

11.”My grandmother meets our next-door Kroger quite often. She would normally spend hundreds of dollars on food. This time, she went about her business as usual, but her credit card was refused since it had reached its limit. She then proceeded to shout at the cashier (and me) for 15 minutes about how she was going to pay it anyhow, so they should just charge it. When I started crying from shame, we had to leave. Later, using a different card, my grandfather returned for the groceries, apologizing the entire time.”_Anonymous 

12. “I went to the nail salon along with my mama. We arrived at the salon and had to wait for ten minutes while the nail technicians finished up with their customers. It was about half-full in the salon. ‘This is what they do,’ my mother replied as she turned to face me. They deceive you! They claim they have appointments to get you in here, but you’ll just have to wait.’ She didn’t even whisper, and the salon was eerily quiet. My mother’s manicure was beginning right away by a woman who approached us.”—Anonymous

13. “I suddenly decided a major shift in my studies when I went to switch the major subjects. When mom got to know my new venture. She cried and yelled at me for I was so foolish in her eyes. She demanded to retrieve my major subject but I refused I found solace in the new one, these subjects were of my interest.”_Anonymous

14. “It was girl’s night with my mom. She neglected to get cheese sauce and fries. Instead of going inside to respectfully request that it be fixed, my mother parked our car, exited, and proceeded to the drive-thru window, where she began pounding on the glass — all while another car was waiting for their food.”_anonymous 

15. “My mom’s tv went out of order. She yelled at tv makers. I tried to fix the tv but she never let me. Almost every time, the problem is entirely her fault and could be resolved with a simple press of a button. She’ll even summon a maintenance professional to the residence before allowing me to attempt to repair the issue.”_anonymous 

16. “My mom was habitual of buying really expensive clothes. I used to stop her from doing so but she never understood even a single word. She used to shop for really expensive gowns from the stores at full price. When she returned home she use the cloth in the way she liked, she stained it, tore it apart and the very next day she went to the store, and yelled at the staff for having such a bogus item in their store. She returned the product with full money back and with a coupon as well which made her a warrior in her eye. As for me, I despised her more than my life.”_Anonymous

17. “My father showed the symptoms of covid-19. My mom does as well but my father kept on going to work. He worked as a bus driver. Even though he was contracting a dangerous disease, he showed misguided loyalty to the work. He would never listen to us if we had ever tried to keep him going out. However, he put on the mask.” _Anonymous 

18. “My mom gave me birth, I am thankful for all the troubles she faced while bringing me into this world, but is it fair that she demands money every time I got it from my job. She demanded 1500$ which I got from my mortgage company. I was astonished at her demand. Soon I had to return the money for it was a mistake. But from now, I will keep my success in the form of money a hefty secret.” _Anonymous

19. “My military father insisted we go to a swimming club. We had informed him that they won’t let you in without membership. We already had the membership but father did not. When we arrived, they did not let us in, father yelled at the poor employee and get back while he yelled the whole journey and cursed the management of the swimming club._Anonymous

20. “My mama thought that web developers were exploiting their skills online while getting too much to be paid to them in return. I tried to tell her that we can earn only a couple of dollars an hour. But she did not believe me.”_Anonymous

21. “My uncle was always handsy with young waitresses. He flirted with them and dropped them on his lap by pushing their hands towards him. My aunt always got furious when my uncle behaved ill. For one night, the alleged mistress slash waitress brought food to the table, aunt refused to eat any of it and kept on glazing uncle with her bloody eyes. Uncle was not even getting embarrassed and the night was already ruined.”_Anonymous 

22. “My father was always mean to my mama. He behaved sick with her whenever guests were around. He never helped her do dishes or cook for the guest. Instead, he showed his disgust for a particular dish in front of everyone.”_Anonymous

23. “My mom behaved bitchy with my brother when he came back home. She said that we donot regard us, her presence in our lives and we will not celebrate her birthday which was several months later.” Anonymous

24. “My mom yelled at the storekeeper while buying a diamond set for my wedding. She wanted him to give her the necklace for free. But she pitched high with that poor man and all I could gather that moment was shame and embarrassment.”_Anonymous

25. “My dad seemed to be a decent person. Whenever I met him I found him on the best possible behavior but he yelled at the waiters once we went to a fancy restaurant, I could not say a word except that, what the hell dude?”_Anonymuos 

26. “My parents made fun of the staff and infrastructure of the cruise they went visiting in the early 60s. They were so ungrateful. I thought that they must have forgotten how to behave well outside the usual places.”_anonymous.

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