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These people were given a rude reminder that “Beauty Is Pain” sometimes



It’s not always easy to get dressed up and look our best. There are times when the skincare, makeup, or hair products we use make us look worse than we did before. This makes us wonder why we ever tried to change our natural looks. But on the bright side, when our plans go wrong, it can be a lot of fun to laugh about. When the fails are on our screens and not in front of our faces. Check out this next beauty fails, which are sure to make you feel better about yourself.

When you want your brows to look thick

In line with the current eyebrow trend, this woman wanted big, bushy eyebrows so she could look like most of today’s models with big, bushy eyebrows. But after her trip to the beauty salon, something went very wrong. Even though she asked to have her eyebrows tinted, threaded, and waxed, which seems like a normal way to take care of eyebrows, she got something she didn’t expect: red, scabby, and itchy eyebrows. Now, everyone will look at this poor woman’s eyebrows, but for all the wrong reasons! This poor woman wanted big eyebrows but ended up with scabby ones. When women think about eyebrow trends, this is not the look they want. What a painful and scary thing to go through!

A Hairstyle Approved by Walmart

When bleaching hair at home or in a salon, it is common to use a plastic bag or a plastic shower cap. The next step is to blow dry the head that has been covered since heat helps the bleach get into the hair. But this woman found out that if you heat a plastic bag hair covering with an ink logo on it, the logo will transfer to your hair. Because she used a Walmart bag to keep the heat in, this woman is now a Walmart bag. The good news is that most logos wash out or fade over time.

Face rash will go away if you keep your head up.

This young woman shows that the “Kylie Lip Challenge” was not as cool as it seemed at first. Her lower lip and chin are red and swollen because she tried to get Kylie Jenner’s full lips. She is one of many who used a small jar, bottle, or lid to create a suction meant to enlarge her lips so she could resemble Kylie Jenner’s luscious lips. She didn’t know that Jenner could use procedures to make her lips look fuller instead of a suction cup. In trying to look like someone else, specifically a social influencer with money for surgery, this woman suffered from embarrassment and a bad rash. Her public service announcement: Don’t do the Kylie Jenner challenge!

Surviving By A Hair

This woman just wanted to dye her hair, but a severe allergic reaction to the hair dye made her whole face swell up and sent her to the hospital emergency room. This is the perfect example of why people should test hair and beauty products on a small area before using the full amount on larger parts of the body. Some beauty treatments can hurt, but allergic reactions are very dangerous. After dying her hair in a way that was both scary and dangerous, she said that she would never do it again. Who wants to put their life at risk to change the colour and style of their hair?

A Look That Makes You Wonder

In the 1980s, feathered hair was a very popular style, but it doesn’t seem to be as popular today. This is especially true for eyebrows that have hairs in them. This woman may have been trying to be creative by shaping and brushing her eyebrows into a feathered style that goes up, but the look is more scary and strange than cool. And based on what she said about the way she looked, we think she would agree with this assessment. 

The new tan is pink.

Women all want skin that sparkles and shines, but to say they want skin as pink as the Pink Panther is a bit of an exaggeration. This woman looks like she spent way too long tanning in the sun and got a bad sunburn or fell into a vat of pink lemonade powder. It turns out that she used skin care products from Lush, which gave her the horrifying look she was going for. Once this woman’s shock at her bright pink skin turned into embarrassment, she couldn’t help but wonder if Lush products are supposed to turn people’s skin fluorescent pink.

How About Mascara That Doesn’t Run?

Don’t work out while wearing mascara. This should be the first rule for looking good. Women do want to look good all the time, whether they are at work, out in public, or at the gym. Going natural, on the other hand, may be the best way to keep your natural beauty when you work out. If you don’t, you might sweat off your mascara and look like this woman, who has black streaks going down her face. If you do wear makeup to the gym, make sure to use waterproof mascara so that when you sweat, you won’t have black streaks on your face.

A cool hairstyle

Curling irons get hot, which is neither a surprise nor something new. What happens when they get too hot is the question. This woman had the bad luck to use a curling iron that was so hot that it burned her hair off. She told people online about her shocking lesson, saying that her hair had just burned off, and warned them about how dangerous it is to not pay attention to how hot curling irons are. Mistakes with your appearance can be funny, but they can also hurt and cause hair loss, like what happened to this woman. She learned that spray that protects against heat is a useful tool.

Should I wax or burn my lips?

To look good, you have to give up a lot and hurt yourself when you wax. There is no way to make pulling hair out of your skin follicles pleasant or painless. True, waxing can feel different in different places on the body because some parts are less sensitive than others. This woman waxed the hair on her upper lip. It may have hurt a little, but it shouldn’t have caused her skin to burn and given her a red moustache. She said that she got her new red moustache because she burned her lip while trying to wax, which hurts so much. Now she doesn’t look great, and it hurts. A lose-lose.

Explosive foundation

Most of the time, foundation is only used on the face to cover up pimples or even out the skin tone. Here, an expensive tube that exploded when it was opened and got all over the sink and mirror seems to have given the bathroom a good layer of foundation. What a waste of money and beauty products! People who travel by plane should know that this can happen to them if they bring their foundation with them. Most people, if not everyone, wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy to have their expensive foundation tube explode on them. Talk about a mess that costs a lot to clean up!

Don’t play with Gorilla Glue like a monkey!

No matter what age or gender you are, you could learn a lot from the woman who used Gorilla Glue spray adhesive instead of hairspray when she ran out. Everyone and anyone with hair should learn from this: Super Glue isn’t hairspray. When she ended up in the hospital emergency room with headaches and a burning scalp, she learned her lesson the hard way. It’s a big no-no in the beauty world to use industrial-strength Super Glue instead of hairspray. No one should ever end up in the hospital because they tried to look pretty. If your hair doesn’t stay in place, nothing will happen.

How to Mix

Blending with bronzer is a good way to get a toned look by toning down what people have put on their face so they look more natural. When used right, bronzer can make a person look like they have a natural tan. But when bronzer isn’t mixed well or isn’t used at all, like this woman in the picture, it can make a face look bad and even clown-like. It’s no wonder she wants to know why she can’t fit in. If you want the best results, you should look for tips on how to blend and apply bronzer. As this picture shows, you shouldn’t put bronzer all over your face.

Curls aren’t the solution.

People often want what they don’t have. It’s just the way things are. Take a look at hairstyles. Curly-haired people pay to get their hair straightened because they want it straight. The same goes for people with straight hair. Like this woman in the picture, they pay to get curls. Her face shows that she does not like how things turned out. It might not look good on her, but hopefully the curls won’t last forever. People, this woman says, told her that she would look good with curly hair. She was wrong to believe them. Or she should have gone to a more skilled hairdresser.

A New Way to Think About Hitting Out

Getting your eyelashes done should be a fun, easy way to look good. There’s a reason why a lot of women love going to the beauty salon to get their eyelashes dyed, curled, or replaced with fake ones. But what happens when something that should be a normal treatment goes very wrong? This woman went to get her eyelashes done, but they all fell out! This poor woman had a bad allergic reaction to the fake eyelashes her beautician put on her. Her lower lash area burned and her real eyelashes fell out.

A Tough Time

This young girl thought that fake eyelashes would make her look more beautiful, but she was wrong. What happened next is terrible but somewhat predictable: she used Super Glue instead of eyelash glue by accident and didn’t know it. It’s hard to picture how shocked and worried her parents looked when they saw what happened, let alone how much pain she was in. She really did use Super Glue to stick these together. She will always remember this lesson, especially if she ever tries to put on false eyelashes again.

Boredom is never a good place to cut your own hair.

If you are stuck at home for a long time, like during Covid quarantine, it is never a good idea to give yourself a haircut to pass the time. This woman did just that, and the results were awful and embarrassing. She was bored and too sure of herself when it came to cutting hair and doing makeup, which was a mistake. So badly, in fact, that she says quarantine, boredom, and being too sure of herself add up to the horrible haircut in the picture. Maybe this woman should have learned how to give herself a good haircut before she cut her own long, shiny, and beautiful hair with scissors. Hair at least grows back.

A Disgusting Mistake

One woman with bad eyesight had a beauty accident that was both hilarious and disgusting. A daughter got a message from her mom saying that she couldn’t put on her false eyelashes because she couldn’t see well without her glasses. This seems like an impossible mistake. The mom was actually trying to stick a dead fly to her eyelid. This is a pretty disgusting and scary example of a beauty routine that went very, very wrong. False eyelashes can make anyone look more beautiful and charming. But you have to use them the right way for them to work. The most important thing is that the person has to put on real false eyelashes.

Think twice about the microblading craze

Micro-blading is another eyebrow fashion trend. This is a tattooing method that uses a small tool with a lot of tiny needles to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. The goal of microblading is to make brows that look full and natural. Unfortunately, this woman’s eyebrows don’t look natural or full. They were obviously not done right. The microblading on these eyebrows was clearly not done well. The hair strokes are way too straight and far apart to look real. It’s a big joke that these were thought to be hair strokes.

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