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Unleash the Full Potential of Y2mate Facebook Story Saver



In the dynamic landscape of social media, Facebook has left its impeccable mark on a giant audience by entertaining them over the years with its content. FB story is one of the leading features of the platform to keep its users in touch with their followers and hooked up with the platform. You can download the Facebook stories of your competitors using to enjoy them later or use their audio in your content. Today, we will unleash the full potential of Facebook story saver, making it easier for you to get inspiration from your competitors’ content. Keep Reading!

Why Do We Need Facebook Story Savers?     


Facebook gives everyone a platform of opportunities, including content creators, influencers, digital marketers, designers, and more. If you belong to any of these categories, you can effortlessly stand out with your quality content on Facebook. FB stories help you keep your followers engaged with what’s happening in your life and automatically disappear after 24 hours.

However, you can download Facebook stories to preserve your life moments, share them with your friends over WhatsApp, or keep a backup. Facebook story saver let you do this effortlessly and allow you to download FB stories in your desired resolution.   

Y2mate Top Facebook Story Downloader

Y2mate Top Facebook Story Downloader

Facebook has been adapting to new and unique features to ensure its users stay hooked on its content. The Facebook story is an incredible feature that lets you share short videos, memes, or images on your stories for 24 hours. 

However, you may come across some catchy or educational stories on FB that you may want to download to your gallery. is the top FB story saver available on the internet, satisfying countless users with its beneficial services.     

Benefits of Using

Benefits of Using Y2mate facebook story saver

Y2mate FB story saver offers you countless benefits for using its services; I have listed the top benefits at your convenience below.

Free Facebook story saver

It works for free, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing any premium plan. You can use it without paying anything to the website. 

No Installation Required

Y2mate FB story saver is available online, leaving no necessity behind for any installation process. You can access its online services with a stable Wifi connection. 

HD Downloader

It is an efficient Facebook stories downloader that quickly downloads multiple stories to save time. You can download FB stories in your desired resolution with just a few clicks.

Unlimited Access

This efficient FB story saver tool prioritizes your comfort and user experience, so it will never restrict you from using its services. You can download unlimited FB stories in your gallery.  

User Friendly 

Y2mate Facebook story downloader has a user-friendly interface that is compatible even with beginners. You don’t need guidance from any video tutorial to operate this Facebook downloader. 

Secure Platform

It doesn’t ask you for personally identifiable information or FB login information. is free from all malware threats and unauthorized access by hackers. 

Device Compatibility 

You can save Facebook stories from any digital device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, iOS, and Android devices. 

Instruction to Use

Y2mate is a user-friendly Facebook story downloader. You don’t need to take any guidance from articles or video tutorials to learn using this efficient Facebook story downloader.  Follow the below instructions step-by-step to download FB stories.

  1. Navigate to the desired stories you want to download Facebook and click on the three dots to copy the URL link.
  2. Open on your Chrome browser and paste the URL link in the search field.
  3. Select the resolution according to your choice and click the download button. 


Facebook is one of the biggest platforms that gives equal opportunities to content creators to stand out by reaching the right audience. You can take inspiration from your competitors’ content to stay ahead of the curve by downloading FB stories to understand their strategy to engage the audience. Y2mate is an efficient FB story downloader that works for free. 

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