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10 Things We All Did As Children That Are Weird In Retrospect



It’s hard to believe how much time has changed. What we were able to get away with as children would most likely land us in a lot of trouble in the present day. From riding bikes without helmets to walking around our neighborhoods alone, these activities that were once considered totally normal and harmless can now be seen as reckless and irresponsible. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 16 things we all did as children that, if done today, would almost certainly result in an arrest.

Running Around In Public Places Without Adult Supervision:

Running Around In Public Places

In our childhood days, it was considered perfectly normal to be seen running around in public places without any adult supervision. It was almost like a rite of passage that many kids had to go through. However, these days, this type of behavior can get you into serious trouble and can even lead to arrest. It is important to remember that it is always safest to have a responsible adult supervising your activities in public areas.

Accepting Candy From Strangers: 

Accepting Candy From Strangers

It’s hard to believe now, but it was once commonplace for children to accept candy from strangers. Today, we know better and understand that this is a dangerous activity that can lead to abduction or other serious issues. We all should be aware of the potential risks associated with accepting food and treats from unknown people. The safest policy is to not accept anything from strangers at all.

Going Off Into The Woods Alone: 

Going Off Into The Woods Alone

As children, we often explored the wilderness without a second thought. Whether it was playing hide and seek in the woods or exploring new paths, being alone in the woods was an exciting and liberating experience. Unfortunately, today this could potentially be seen as a criminal act and could lead to serious consequences. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and to never wander off alone in unfamiliar places.

Riding Our Bikes Without Helmets:

Riding Our Bikes Without Helmets

As kids, we often rode our bikes around the neighborhood without helmets, thinking nothing of it. But if we tried that today, we’d likely be arrested for not following safety regulations. As an adult, you can still enjoy biking around your neighborhood safely, but make sure you always wear a helmet. 

Climbing Trees: 

Climbing Trees

Remember when we used to spend hours upon hours clambering up and down trees? In our minds, it was an exciting adventure that allowed us to explore new heights and views. Little did we know that climbing trees without proper safety measures could have resulted in a serious injury. Today, climbing trees is frowned upon by most parents, and can even get you arrested if caught without supervision!

Skateboarding Without Pads:

Skateboarding Without Pads

Skateboarding was a popular activity for children and teenagers alike in the past. Unfortunately, not many kids thought about wearing pads or other protective gear while skateboarding. Without any protection, kids were at risk of serious injury from falls or crashes. We may have thought we were invincible back then, but skateboarding without pads is something we all look back on with an element of embarrassment and disbelief.

Playing With Fire: 

Playing With Fire

As children, many of us used to play with fire, whether it was lighting sparklers on the Fourth of July or having backyard bonfires. Although this was a harmless way to have fun as kids, today it would likely get us into trouble with the law. Fire can be extremely dangerous. So it’s important to take the necessary precautions if playing with fire is a part of your childhood memories.

Eating Snow: 

Eating Snow

Remember how we used to love to eat snow as children? However, in hindsight, it’s pretty clear why eating snow was not a good idea. Snow can be filled with all kinds of pollutants and contaminants that are not safe for human consumption. In fact, consuming snow can lead to serious illnesses such as food poisoning, hypothermia, and even stomach cramps. So, the next time you’re tempted to eat snow, think twice!

Running Out Into The Street: 

Running Out Into The Street

As children, it was common for us to run out into the street. Without any adult supervision or regard for our safety. This reckless behavior was considered normal and no one batted an eye when it happened. Unfortunately, in today’s society, this action would result in serious consequences, ranging from a stern talking to from an adult to a trip to the local police station. So, next time you see a child running out into the street. Remember that what may seem like innocent fun can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Drinking From The Hose: 

Drinking From The Hose

As kids, we would often be found outside on hot summer days, parched and thirsty. It was so easy to just grab the hose and take a few sips of water. Little did we know, the water that comes out of the garden hose is not fit for drinking and it can contain hazardous bacteria. Drinking from the hose is a big no-no these days, and if caught in the act, we’d likely face a hefty fine or even jail time.

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