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These lawsuits Are Some Of The Most Exciting In All Of Hollywood



Let’s face it: lawsuits are really interesting for some reason. A high-stakes legal battle between two people is fascinating for some reason I can’t explain. But celebrity lawsuits are even more interesting than regular lawsuits and trust us when we say that there have been some very strange and interesting ones over the years. Scroll through this article to learn about some of the most famous lawsuits that will never be forgotten!

Kendall Jenner and the scandal at the infamous Fyre Festival

Okay, so people who know what the Fyre Festival was usually can’t stop talking about it. It really was a crazy thing to go through. Basically, the music festival was billed as a high-class, first-rate, luxurious, and exclusive event, and tickets were very expensive. The festival turned out to be a complete joke, and soon after, a lawsuit was filed against the people who put on the festival and the famous people who promoted it.

Kendall Jenner was the most obvious target of this lawsuit. She had to pay about $90,000, even though she had made about $275,000 for promoting the festival. Crazy.

The family case of Ariel Winter

Many of us know Ariel Winter because of her famous role as Alex Dunphy on the hit TV show Modern Family. Not many people know, though, that Winter’s family was involved in a big lawsuit. Ariel’s mother actually sued Matthew Borlenghi, who is Ariel’s business partner and professional friend. Why, you might ask? Well, there’s no easy way to tell the story without taking a side, but get ready for something juicy.

It seems that Ariel’s mother sued Ariel’s business partner, Matthew Borlenghi, for slander. She said that he called her a “monster of abuse.” We can see why someone would be upset about that, it hurts.

That time Goop went up against the state of California

Remember Goop? Gwyneth Paltrow’s health and wellness business? Do you remember when they got into a lot of trouble with the state of California? Yes, it was kind of crazy. The California Food, Drug, and Medical Device officials sued Goop for making unproven claims about their products, which they said were healthy for reasons that the state of California did not agree with. The Vaginal Jade Egg got the most criticism because of this.

We’re not lawyers, but in our humble opinion, you shouldn’t fight with an entire state and its representatives. You have no chance of winning that one.

The apple didn’t fall near the tree.

Frank Ocean is a singer-songwriter who isn’t always easy to find. However, he is one of the most well-known and influential names in music. People don’t seem to know much about the guy, so it may not be surprising that most people don’t know that Frank Ocean’s own father sued him for about $14.5 million. Even stranger is that it all began with a post on Tumblr.

Frank said that his estranged father had said hurtful things about a transgender waiter. The father denied vehemently that he had ever said anything like that. The whole thing turned out to be a big mess in court.

LeAnn Rimes Vs Her Father

It’s hard to think of anything worse than having to go to court and fight your own father. Most people can’t understand how something like this could happen. LeAnn Rimes, on the other hand, had to do just that. There had been a legal dispute between the two for years, it seems. Rimes says that when she was a teenager, her father stole millions of dollars from the money she made.

LeAnn didn’t like it one bit. But it looks like the father wasn’t happy with how things turned out, since he sued LeAnn. Ouch.

Sofia Vergara’s Sci-Fi Lawsuit

Okay, you might want to fasten your seatbelts for this one, because it’s a bit of a bumpy ride. Sofia Vergara’s lawsuit was full of things that we can only describe as being from the future. What happened was that Vergara’s ex-fiance sued her over who would get custody of her two frozen embryos. The judge probably had a hard time figuring out what was going on with that case.

It makes perfect sense that something like this would have to be settled in court, but it’s also so strange. Even their names, Emma and Isabella, were given to the two embryos.

Even Olympians have problems with the law.

It turns out that winning an Olympic gold medal is no longer enough to live a trouble-free life. If anyone knows this, it’s Tianna Madison, who had to go to court against her own parents. The Olympian said that her parents did two wrong things: they didn’t take care of her money well and they let her abuser into their home. Something that no one should have to deal with.

Even though she said she would do it in public, she never filed the lawsuit. Her parents, on the other hand, went one step further and sued her for $25,000. They said that she made them look bad.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, the Famous Case

After trying to sue the British tabloid The Sun for calling him a wife-beater and failing, Depp started getting ready for a much bigger case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is suing Heard for defamation, saying that she lied to the media about being abused. The court case has stirred up quite a storm in the public eye, and most people seem to be on Depp’s side.

It’s important to note, though, that the judge and the jury will decide who wins this court case in the end. But until then, we’ll keep following the case with interest.

Blac Chyna’s Unorganized Breakup With the Kardashians

Given how much of the Kardashians’ private life has been made public, everyone knows about the fight between Blac Chyna and the family. Chyna had sued her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian and his family because they hurt her brand. But things really got out of hand when Rob allegedly put naked pictures of her on different social media sites. All but legal chaos broke out.

Things are getting closer to what can only be called a compromise, since Chyna and her ex-boyfriend agreed on a custody plan for their child.

Against the Family Business by Ted Levin

So, most of us remember Ted Levin from his terrifying role in the movie Silence of the Lambs, but it looks like his real-life problems may be just as scary, if not in terms of his existence, then in terms of his money. According to reports, both the actor’s brother and sister sued him for mishandling their family restaurant, which he then sold. Levin is said to have sent some very strange emails to his siblings.

The two people who sued Levin said that these things were enough to count as some kind of harassment. Given that it was all about a family restaurant, it was one of the stranger court cases.

Problems with Chris Perez’s in-laws

Chris Perez has done a lot in his life. He has worked as a singer-songwriter, an all-around musician, and an author. Even though he has done a lot of great things, the man is best known for his relationship with his ex-wife Selen, who was the lead singer of the band he was in, Selena y Los Dinos. Selena died too soon, which left Perez to live on his own without his beloved Selena by his side. Truly sad.

Selena’s family sued Perez for using video footage of her in a series even though her case hadn’t been solved yet. This made things even worse. Everyone must have had a hard time.

Leighton Meester’s Problems as a Mother

Most people don’t know that Leighton Meester was in some serious legal trouble. She is best known for her iconic role in Gossip Girl. Leighton’s family went to court because her brother’s medical bills were so high. Being who she is, Leighton gave her mother about $7,500 a month to help pay for this cause. She was upset to find out that her mother had spent the money on plastic surgery.

At that point, Leighton actually went to court. Even stranger is that her mother sued her because she ruined her “happiness.” In the end, Leighton was the one who won in court.

Poetry Thief: Oprah Winfrey

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight: in the modern world, most people don’t care much about poetry. We think it’s just not for everyone. Or at the very least, a lot of people don’t understand what’s so great about poetry. This whole court case is so interesting because of this. What happened is that some random poet sued Oprah for, get this, a trillion dollars.

The case was quickly dropped, which should come as no surprise. We don’t know exactly what happened with the poetry theft, but a trillion dollars? Yeah, no way.

Just another copy of Jordan

Given how big of a part Michael Jordan has played in pop culture in recent years (which, of course, also includes his famous Nike shoes), it’s easy to see why people might have tried to be like him. He is, after all, a kind of example to follow. Allen Heckard, from Portland, might have taken this the wrong way, though, because he sued Michael Jordan for looking like him.

The man was so sick of being mistaken for Michael Jordan that he sued the famous basketball player for a whopping $416 million. Yes, when we first heard that, it did surprise us, too.

Meghan Markle is really good at making trouble.

The one and only Meghan Markle sued Associated Newspapers in 2019 for publishing a handwritten letter she had sent to her estranged father. Associated Newspapers is the company that owns well-known British newspapers like The Sun. Markle said that publishing the letter was a clear violation of her privacy and rights. On the other hand, Associated Newspapers said that the letter wasn’t a personal document, but was written for PR purposes, which made it okay to publish.

In the letter, Meghan begged her father to stop posing for paparazzi photos. In the end, the court sided with Meghan Markle. After she won, she spoke out against the “tabloid industry.”

“Against FKA Twigs” by Shai Labeouf

The case between FKA Twigs and Shai Labeouf is hard to swallow. FKA Twigs had accused Labeouf of domestic violence, saying that he had done things like sexual battery, assault, and causing emotional trauma. There are a lot of disturbing stories floating around the internet about what happened, but we won’t include them here. What we will say is that FKA Twigs’ story of her relationship with TIMES is hard to read.

There is no simple way to talk about things like this. All that’s left to say is that these things are very sad and we hope for the best for everyone involved.

It’s a big word: “billionaire.”

When people say, “Let’s not argue about semantics,” they usually mean that we shouldn’t waste our time arguing about how to define a few specific words, because if we do that, we’ll never agree on anything. One could say that Timothy O’Brien did something similar in his book Trumpnation: The Art of Being Donald when he argued that Trump wasn’t really a billionaire but a millionaire and used several sources to back up his claim.

This made Trump very angry, and he sued the person who wrote it right away. A lower court in New Jersey threw out the case because the author hadn’t really or intentionally done anything “bad.”

The Rated-R tape by Shaq

Who knew that the legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal was also interested in making movies? Well, to be exact, a certain kind of movies. You get what we’re saying. At least, that’s what Shaq’s ex-business partner said. The way saId partner tells the story, Shaq sent a group of thugs to beat up the partner after he threatened to show the video to the public.

But the judge wasn’t too interested in what the man had to say. It looks like no one will ever find out what really happened. In all honesty, that might be a good thing.

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