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With the media begetting the expression “Sways” (spouses and girlfriends) for the wives and girlfriends of soccer, ball, and football players, there’s another term around that includes the tech magnates within recent memory: TWAGS (tech wives and girlfriends). Can we just be real for a minute, we presently face a daily reality such that geeks can be really cool and make a few serious bucks – while dating or being hitched to the savviest and best accomplices. We should investigate a couple of TWAGS who have either been there all along or have joined the selective tech club in later times.

1. Grimes – Partner Of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of those whimsical prodigies that had the option to prosper in a world that doesn’t necessarily account for such capricious ways. Starting around 2018, the tycoon playboy, who at present has total assets of $69.4 billion, has been dating the performer, Grimes. Grimes is a staggeringly skilled performer and craftsman, who in numerous ways, appears to join Musk in his erratic approach to everyday life. Several has reported the introduction of their most memorable kid together in 2020, who they curiously named X Æ A-12.

2. Rebekah Neumann – Partner Of Adam Neumann

We Work has surprised the world with its imaginative work environment idea, however the organization has experienced a few quite rough times monetarily. The organization’s CEO, Adam Neuman, has been cheerfully hitched to his drawn out accomplice, Rebekah Neuman beginning around 2008. Adam and Rebekah co-made WeWork, in organization with Miguel McKelvey. Both have had a fantastic profession consistently, yet have made opportunity to keep on developing their group of five children together. As of late, Neuman’s total assets dropped substantially…down to $450 million. So we believe they’re both going to be okay.

3. Raven Lyn Corneil – Former Partner Of Jack Dorsey

Quite a while back, Twitter’s fellow benefactor and CEO Jack Dorsey was overwhelmed with passion for supermodel Raven Lyn Corneil. Corneil, who was 23 at the time they dated, is a renowned model who has become very fruitful all alone. At the point when the couple began dating, media sources went totally off the deep end, particularly when the Twitter tycoon, with a total assets of $6.8 billion, chose to purchase his girlfriend a $4.5 million house in Hollywood slopes. The pair have since separated, with the Sports Illustrated model presently being addressed by Storm.

4. Lily Cole – Partner Of Kwame Ferreira

Lily Cole began her displaying profession when she was just 13-years of age, becoming famous in the demonstrating business in the mid 2000s – she was even named Model of the Year by 2004. The red-haired and wide-looked at model has been hitched to Kwamecorp’s proprietor beginning around 2001. Several has one kid together, and Cole has since continued on from demonstrating to making her own organization, Impossible, while likewise zeroing in on her magnanimous work.

5. Lucinda Southworth – Partner Of Larry Page

 Google’s driving force, Larry Page, is valued at $68.3 billion today making him effectively among perhaps the most extravagant individual on the planet. Page has been hitched to Lucinda Southworth beginning around 2007, and they have had two youngsters together. Prior to securing the bunch in a colossal Caribbean function with 600 visitors, the pair dated for about a year. Today, they invest a great deal of their energy accomplishing good cause work through their own cause, the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, while cooperating with different associations.

6. Nicole Schuetz – Partner Of Kevin Systrom

Any reasonable person would agree that when Kevin Systrom had the splendid thought of making Instagram, he barely comprehended how rich and effective he was going to get. At the point when he established the organization, he was at that point dating his school darling, Nicole Schuetz, who he met when both were chasing after their certificates at Stanford University. Schuetz is the CEO of a firm called Sutro, which centers around clean-energy speculation. Two or three has been hitched starting around 2015 and both are as yet serious areas of strength for going in their relationship and in their fruitful professions.

7. Gabi Holzwarth – Former Partner Of Travis Kalanick

Albeit the couple is at this point not together, Gabi Holzwarth was the accomplice of well known Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for more than three years. With a total assets of $2.6 billion, Kalanick was plainly charmed by the violin player and business improvement chief, who obviously struggled with adjusting to his marvelous world. After they had previously separated, Holzwarth shared that for her own mental soundness and certainty, her most ideal choice was to leave this universe of marvelousness with unimaginable norms.

8. Elissa Patel – Partner Of Brian Chesky

Airbnb’s pioneer has been dating a gifted craftsman named Elissa Patel beginning around 2015. Patel has her own organization, Eastdarjeeling, which represents considerable authority in headpieces. Prior to wandering into the craftsmanship world however, Patel additionally worked in the tech field. The couple met on Tinder, with their relationship hitting off immediately. It didn’t take long until they had moved in together and embraced a pet. Despite the fact that there isn’t a ring right now, it seems like it probably won’t take that long for the couple to seal the deal.

9. Miranda Kerr – Partner Of Evan Spiegel

At this point, Miranda Kerr is presumably one of the most popular TWAGs, she could have even enlivened the abbreviation herself. Prior to wedding Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel however, Kerr was broadly connected to Orlando Bloom. Yet, the connection between the renowned model/money manager and the tech master appeared to be intended to be, with the couple moving pretty quick in their relationship. They currently have two children together, and keeping in mind that Spiegel is valued at $4.7 billion, Kerr is valued at $45 million herself.

10. Tiffany Stewart – Partner Of Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is one of those individuals who know precisely where to play his cards, which has brought about a really noteworthy vocation and resume. The Shark Tank financial backer is likewise the proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks NBA group. He has been hitched to his drawn out girlfriend, Tiffany Stewart beginning around 2002, who he met five years earlier while they were both at the rec center. At that point, Stewart filled in as a deals specialist in the promotion business. The couple presently has three youngsters together and is still joyfully hitched.

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