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For Starfox harry styles were the only choice of Director Zhao’s in “Eternals” And there are stories behind 27 MCU roles 



Even a minor role landing on MCU can change the whole career of an actor. This kind of opportunity often takes upcoming actors into the spotlight. Also, it breathes new life into a more established actor’s career.

The very first hurdle an actor has to face is actually jumping to book the part. While playing a villain or hero comes with plenty of challenges.

Here are the untold stories of 27 MCU actors who got their roles in MCU:

2. After getting her career off to a strong start in independent films, Elizabeth Olsen once told her agent and manager that she wanted to be deliberated for roles in big franchises like the ones she desired growing up. 

She takes meetings with the people in charge of the big film companies by acting upon the advice of managers and agents. Soon the director of Avengers: Age of Ultron Joss Whedon had her and her costar From Godzilla. Aaron Taylor – Johnson, is in mind for the roles of Pietro Maximoff and Wanda.

For the reshoot of Godzilla, he and I took separate meetings with joss. She told us about Collider Ladies Night. We were really we are both gonna do this? Like, this is so funny. Should we move to brother and sister from being husband and wife?

3. Iman Vellani read all the Ms. Marvel comics in high school. She dressed up as the superhero for halloween. Her aunt sent her casting acll but she didn’t send her resume on whatsapp. 

Her mother convinced her to submit her resume. She was thinking that it was a fake casting call. She told the Mail and Globe, I was making excuses for myself out of fear… . my 10 – year old self is going to hate me if I don’t even try. So recorded and sent them. Two days later I get a call that asks me “do you have a lawyer? We want to fly you to L.A.”

My screen test happened in June over zoom, due to in February pandemic hit of 2022. My test was super weird. On the last day of high school, I got cast.

4.  For the role of MJ Watson, When Zendaya auditioned, she was don’t know for what she was auditioning.

Her agent tells her it was for Spiderman: Homecoming.

Right before testing, she said oh that would be so cool.

5. For the role of peter parker tom holland went through a seven-month audition process. 

Peter parker traveled to Atlanta for a screen test alongside Robert Downey Jr. he said it was the best test I have done.

He assumed he did not get any role. Because after six months it was narrowed down to holland.

6. Jacob Batalon auditioned for “Untitled Marvel Project.” 

Marvel handover him the actual Spider-Man script. 

After few months of waiting, he got the news that Marvel wanted him.

All these people are staring at me…! I missed my train but that was the best.”

7. Harry styles was director Chloe Zhao’s only choice for Starfox.

He likes casting people who are pretty much a version of that character in real life.

8. Gemma Chan wasn’t originally considered for the role of sersi. 

Eternals producer Nate Moore was perfect for us.

9. When marvel offered Tyree Henry the role of phastos. He said how much I have to lose weight.

He said you are perfect as you are.

10. Lauren Ridloff sent one of her sons to an audition, and the director shows interest to give her a different project.

Manager told her manager that he want to cast Lauren for a Marvel Film.

She dropped up everything and come to meet the director.

11. When 13-year-old Xochtl Gomez submitted her audition for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Michaael Waldron writes a younger version of America.

Only a few days later she booked the role.

12. Marvel and Doctor Strange director turned down the offer for  Benedict Cumberbatch to play.

Cumberbatch refuse to work because he didn’t have time.

13. Benedict Wong first learned the role of the martian costar Chiwetel Ejiofor. He was going to be in doctor strange.

Director said wind for wong? And I replied wong is wong.

14. Mark Millar was a writer who has written a reimagined version of the character of his favorite actor. Without realizing he has huge comics fans.

His agent also promised to let him play fury in the future.

In a post, Jackson has to appear as nick fury in a post. It was decided by Iron Man director Jon Favreau. 

15. Marvel did not want to cast Robert Downey as Tony Stark. But they have to hire him for any price.

After the director delivered the bad news,  Downey replied “With your permission, I’m going to hold out hope.” to get the role his tenacity inspired Favreau to keep fighting for him until he got a screen test.

Everybody knew he is not a action star. But Jon Favreau really had that robert in that role and vision for that movie.

He said, “ without Robert, we would not be sitting here today.”

16. Mark Ruffalo was one of the top choices for the lead role in the incredible hulk.

Laterier said, “One day Mark was cast, and then over a weekend, he was not. It tore my heart.”

They decided to replace him in avengers after Norton’s relationship with marvel soured. Ruffalo was scared to accept the role he was the right person or not.

17. Joel Silver wanted to cast Chris Evans as steve rogers, but his co-producer Stephen Broussard wanted to cast Sebastian Stan.

After turned him down several times marvel decided to pursue Evans.

Downey and Silver called him many times so it’s helped to convince him to accept the role.

In the end, he said it was the best decision I ever made.

18. Sebastian Stan submitted many audition tapes. He decided to go home, but he thinks he should go for the screen test. He gives screentest for the role of Captain America.

The studio head has different directions. But his screentest was gone well.

I was busy shooting. During the shoot, I received calls from unknown numbers. Usually, I didn’t receive any calls from unknown numbers. Then I check my voicemail and it was Kevin.

19. Anthony Mackie was the first choice to play the character. He didn’t have to audition to play sam Wilson. 

“That’s only happened a handful of times at Marvel. Mr. Mackie was one of those times.” Feige told him variety.

20. Meng’er Zhang saw a casting call for a woman who is able to speak Chinese and English.  But she was not aware of the role it was for Xu Xiang.

She got a callback after submitting her self-tape. She told the Hollywood reporter, “They flew me to do a screen test with Simu and that’s when I found out I was auditioning for Shang-Chi.”

21. In London Tom Hiddleston was performing in a Shakespeare production. That’s the time thor director, Kenneth Branagh. 

 “I didn’t expect to be cast at all.” In 2009, Hiddleston auditioned for thor he told the tonight show starring jimmy Fallon.

The actor told to the Hollywood reporter, “We ended up spending about 12 months working together in different media.”

22. Who previously worked with director kate Herron  — Sophia Di Martino. With only one audition tape she got the role of Sylvie in Loki.

She said, “It was quite a risk that they took, really. And it never happens. You never get a job of this size off a tape, usually. My agent couldn’t believe it. They must’ve just been so sure.”

23. In Black Panther solely Lupita Nyong’o signed on to play Nikia. There wasn’t a script at that time.

Before production began she didn’t get the script to see until six weeks. 

24. Brie Larson auditioned for thor and iron man 2 but was gone unsuccessfully. But she was on Marvel’s radar.

 She was filming kong. She received a call that marvel is interested in casting for captain marvel.

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