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Hollywood Stars Admit Their Weird Fears and Phobias



Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the largest names in showbiz are rather like us. From their clothes to their homes, there are lots of apparent differences. But when it involves psychological state and wellness, we’ve more in common with Hollywood’s A-listers than you’ll realize. Many stars have gone on the record with a number of their biggest phobias and strangest anxieties – and what they are doing to assist ease the strain. So prepare because this can be one list you will need to debate in your next therapy session.

Kylie Jenner Is terrified of Dust in a very Cup

Famous influencer, makeup mogul, and reality Principal Kylie Jenner admits to having an odd fear- dust in a very cup. This could be the foremost random one on here if we’re being honest. Kylie Jenner seems to require to possess everything clean and dust-free, which includes her cups, as well, which you cannot really blame her for. Clean cups are definitely a requirement.But still, we won’t help but be interested in when this phobia developed and the way Kylie became alert to it.

Megan Fox Is petrified of Paper

The super star Megan Fox told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she hates dry paper. The sound and feel of it combined give her chills. Megan should do something very unusual to cope with this phobia. She said she must sit with a cup of water by her side whenever she is functioning with paper and dips her fingers into the liquid to make moisture on her fingertips before turning a page.Paper can become a small amount irritating, and also the sound is solely near nails on a chalkboard when anything scratches across it, but a full-on fear of paper, and Megan Fox’s precautions, are unusual.

Johnny Depp Is petrified of Clowns

Johnny Depp may have played some interesting and slightly creepy characters on television and in movies, but none of these unique roles required him to decorate up as a clown, and he was probably quite happy about that. The actor himself has said that the long fake smiles and pale painted faces are what specifically terrify him when it involves these scary characters, which honestly makes such a lot of sense.”Coulrophobia” is that the official name for having a fear of clowns- they’re pretty unsettling, even for adults, yet still be the staple of most children’s birthday parties, and well, that’s why this term exists.

Khloe Kardashian Is frightened of Belly Buttons

Khloe Kardashian’s fear of belly buttons is extreme- she actually should wear gloves on her hands and screams when she has got to wash hers within the shower. This phobia is termed “Omphalophobia,” and it is a genuineness that individuals actually suffer from. Khloe says she doesn’t want to appear at her own and definitely doesn’t want to work out anyone else’s belly button, so she tries to remain aloof from them.Belly buttons start to seem weird if you think that about them for too long, but Khloe Kardashian won’t be spending even a second doing that- while it is a fear that the model must confront on a day after day.

Matthew McConaughey Is terrified of Revolving Doors

Actor Matthew McConaughey says that he struggles with a phobia called “Cleithrophobia,” which is characterized by an intense fear of revolving doors and, more specifically, getting trapped in them. This may be an idea that goes through most of our minds when having to taste a revolving door, but the thought passes quickly once making it to the opposite side. For Matthew, it turns into pure stress and anxiety.Truly, this can be a legitimate fear because getting trapped inside a revolving door doesn’t appear to be it’d be a pleasurable experience. McConaughey is additionally fearful of driving through tunnels.

Nicole Kidman Is terrified of Butterflies

Butterflies give Nicole Kidman extreme anxiety, and he or she reacts with pure fear if she sees them flying anywhere near her. Kidman says that there’s something simply “eerie” about the bugs, and she or he doesn’t really understand why everyone thinks they’re so beautiful. She also has reported that butterflies are pretty weird things, in her opinion. you’ll only imagine what she would consider moths; they’re rather like butterflies, only ten times scarier. Having a fear of butterflies is termed “Lepidoterophobia,” and Kidman says that she suffers from it. Maybe she wore this butterfly-covered dress in a trial to beat her fear.

Zach Galifianakis Is fearful of Heights

The intense fear of heights was so severe at one point for this actor from The Hangover that he once had to skip a happening simply because it came about near a mountain called Sugarloaf in Brazil. It absolutely was a press event for the last film of the three-film series, and he actually had to attend it virtually rather than face to face because of his strong anxiety and intense fear. Thankfully, Galifianakis isn’t alone because there are such a large number of folks that share the identical phobia. “Acrophobia,” the scientific name for having a fear of heights, may be a widespread phobia in society. It’s particularly challenging for actors who must face that phobia during filming or for press purposes.

Katy Perry Is petrified of The Dark

Katy Perry is extremely scared of the dark; this can be a phobia called “Nyctophobia” that’s characterized as having extreme anxiety when it involves darkness. The star singer admits that she constantly has got to have a light-weight on, which includes when she is sleeping. Katy says that loads of scary and evil things happen within the dark, and he or she surely doesn’t want to be an element of any of these possibilities. Usually, a fear of the dark are some things that’s outgrown as we age into adulthood, except for some people, like Katy Perry- this fear never goes away. Thankfully, it is often fairly well managed.

Channing Tatum Is fearful of Porcelain Dolls

Actor Channing Tatum absolutely despises porcelain dolls, and that they really, truly, freak him out. Channing said that their eyes are just way too realistic, to the purpose of being creepy which sometimes it’s hard to recollect that they don’t seem to be real. He also claims that when walking past one among these, he imagines that their head spins and follows him for the whole time as he travels across the world. Let’s face it; every doll has the potential to be scary. Porcelain ones are probably in a higher place on its list, so Channing Tatum incorporates a super valid fear if you think about it.

Lance Bass Is afriad of Bugs That Buzz

The former NSync singer from the 90s has kept his phobia of things that buzz secret from the general public, but fan pages from around the world claim that Lance Bass has admitted to having this phobia. Fear of bugs may be a common one, especially bees or wasps, as they create a buzzing sound that’s hard to ignore. Lance is frightened of everything that buzzes, and this likely includes houseflies. Admittedly, buzzing bugs are pretty scary, especially once they come from bees, and therefore the sound usually implies that it’s either time to step away or swat at whatever is making the sound- if you’re brave enough.

Eva Mendes Is fearful of Water

Actress Eva Mendes is extremely scared of water and incorporates admitted that she even has a athletic facility in her house that she isn’t able to use thanks to her phobia- but it didn’t stop her from buying the house in the first place. Eva typically avoids swimming in pools and even within the ocean, mostly because she doesn’t understand how to. She has never even attempted to step foot in her pool thanks to this.Eva Mendes is not the only actor who experiences “Aquaphobia.” Snoop Dog and can Smith even have great fears when it involves water since, similar to Mendes, they cannot swim. But as an actress, sometimes confronting your fears is unavoidable. The official name for having an intense fear of frogs is termed “Ranidaphobia,” and David Beckham claimed to own it during a BBC documentary- he was even made fun of for it at some point.

Dwayne Johnson Is petrified of Roller Coasters

Dwayne Johnson, the actor and former professional wrestler, has nerves of pure steel- apart from when he’s asked to travel on a roller coaster. The actor said that the rides make him feel trapped and provide him a way of claustrophobia. With those handlebars going over your head and nowhere to travel, that’s definitely a sound feeling. Dwayne says they honestly freak him out and avoid wandering roller coasters.Roller coasters are very scary, especially those that drop many feet, and you just about don’t have any control. such a large amount of people are frightened of them for reasons that really are.

Jennifer Aniston Is fearful of Water and Flying

Jennifer Aniston is very petrified of flying, and of age an airplane is often an eternal struggle for the actress. She said that she was once on a plane heading to Mexico for her birthday and was forced to face her fear when there was a loud explosion heard during landing. That sounds really scary, and the general public would probably avoid planes at the moment for the remainder of their lives. Jennifer Aniston’s two fears are ones that plenty of individuals can relate to. Thankfully, swimming will be easily avoided- but flying could be a small amount harder to remain off from as an actress. excellent news is that Jen isn’t letting her phobia stop her from being a representative for Emirates’ luxurious airline.

Tyra Banks Is frightened of Dolphins

Tyra Banks, model and tv host, admitted her intense fear of dolphins in an episode of her show. Tyra said that the creatures make her feel quite uneasy which her fear may be a big one. She stated that the majority of people love dolphins and think that they are super cute, but she doesn’t understand why. She also said that even a straightforward thought of dolphins could send her into pure panic. But like other stars on this list, Tyra has confronted her deepest fear right within the face and made herself touch a dolphin.

Pamela Anderson Is petrified of Mirrors

Pamela Anderson confessed to news outlets that she incorporates a strong fear of mirrors called “Eistrophobia,” and more specifically, a fear of seeing her past and present self from any point of view. Pamela must leave the space and go away if she sees herself on a screen or in a very mirror because it triggers an intense feeling of stress and anxiety- which are a few things she prefers to avoid within the first place.Fear of mirrors isn’t exactly common, but having issues with seeing one’s own image or reflection certainly is.

Elliot Page Is frightened of Tennis Balls

Elliot Page admits that he’s afraid of tennis balls and needs to leave the space if a tennis game comes on the tv because of his intense anxiety. Elliot isn’t sure about where this fear comes from, but he does know that it’s genuinely something that leaves him terrified whenever tennis comes around. The rackets and game itself aren’t what scares him; it’s precisely the balls for an unknown reason. Being petrified of tennis balls is certainly an odd thing as they appear to be pretty harmless objects for the foremost part. However, they’re green and fuzzy, so maybe it’s understandable.

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