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These photos from a Russian dating site are so bad that they are good



Let’s face it: there are a lot of weirdos online. Even though we might not want to admit it, anyone who has used Tinder for more than a few minutes can tell you that there are a lot of strange people on there. The same goes for Russian dating sites. They might even be even stranger. But we’ll warn you: after scrolling through these photos of Russians trying to find love, you might download some apps just for more laughs.

Are you too scared to go out with her?

What’s the matter, anyway? Why not go on a date with this beautiful young woman who is holding a chicken like it’s a dirty rag she just used to clean and shine the floors? What bothers you about this picture? Yes, that’s right: nothing at all. This picture of a woman holding a chicken is normal and doesn’t look strange at all. Not even the fact that she used it for her profile on a dating site. Okay, we know we’re being a little bit sarcastic, but this really is a nice picture. Definitely one of those photos that all of her friends went crazy over.

The “S” in BDSM is for “Sausage”

You probably learn something new every day, right? Who would have thought that the “S” in BDSM stands for sausage? Well, it looks like this woman knew that because of how she posed for her online dating photo. We’re not sure what kind of guy would be into this, but we’re sure he’s out there, waiting to meet this woman. We hope they do well. We hope that this woman meets someone who likes sausages. But if you think about it, this picture looks like it was taken by someone else while her hands were tied, so maybe she has already found her sausage husband.

What’s up with the rugs, girl?

This could have been a great picture, but there are so many rugs in it that it’s hard to look at. Well, there aren’t that many rugs, but they do fill up about 90% of the frame. We don’t know how this woman did it, but she took a picture in the place with the most rugs in the world. Only she knows where that could be. But judging by her face, she seems to be happy where she is. Maybe that’s how it feels to be surrounded by rugs: total and complete peace.

Ready to be in style

So this person definitely had the right idea when she tried to take what we can only assume was meant to be a seductive photo of herself posing like a sexy model in her home. The only problem is that her house is so small that it’s hard to move around. Just looking at it makes us feel uneasy. If we saw this picture of her on an online dating site, it would make us not want to date her. Also, we have to ask: why are there so many paint splatters on the right wall? How did those get there, for example? Even more important, why are they there?

Ah, the old “I was just taken” pose

Nothing like taking a picture for a dating app in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter in an empty truck. We don’t want to say that anyone or anywhere is sketchy, but judging by the photos people are posting on their bios, this seems like the kind of place where some of the people who use these Russian dating apps would end up. Still, this picture looks more like a piece of art than a picture for a dating app. Think about how the colors are put together and how there is tension between the model and her surroundings. This is something we would definitely see at a modern photography show. We believe.

How much more romantic can it get?

Taking a picture next to a real toilet that is open and full of beautiful red roses? Yes, that sounds like a great way to spend the first date. What else could someone want? Even though the location is a little sketchy and unclean, having a romantic dinner for two right next to the bathroom is actually pretty convenient. Don’t waste time going to the bathroom. Even though it’s probably just us, we think what this young woman is offering is worth a shot. There’s just something about her that feels right.

She sure knows how to throw a party.

We’ve always been curious about how people all over the world had fun. It looks like we know now. It looks like something you might see at a college party or in a frat house. The chicken was the only thing that really surprised us. Why does this picture have a chicken? Why do Russian parties have roasted (or is it fried?) chicken? Cultures can be very hard to understand at times. Who can say? This could have been a one-time thing that they did just for this picture. On the other hand, chicken drumsticks may be an important part of Russian party culture.

Come on in, the water’s good

Let’s face it: this picture really is cursed. Like, there’s just something creepy and off-putting about it. Maybe it’s the look on the woman’s face, the fact that she’s wearing a fancy dress and posing in a bathtub with no water in it, or the way the bathtub looks rough and unfinished. Like, she could have cleaned the walls a bit before taking this picture and it wouldn’t have hurt. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if this woman’s potential dates were scared off by this picture. It just has the feeling of a scary haunted house.

A dinner for two that’s romantic?

So, there’s nothing wrong with the bathroom at all. Even though it might not be everyone’s first choice for a romantic date, online dating is all about changing the game, starting trends, giving your partner a unique experience, and showing them something they aren’t used to seeing. Taking the person you met online on a date to the bathroom is a great way to do that. This woman really does know what she’s doing. She might look innocent and clueless on paper, but she has online dating down to a science. Maybe. She probably didn’t, though.

She’s going all out with that watermelon

Well, shucks. You can’t blame a girl for doing what she does best, which is to eat a whole watermelon and drink it all down. What’s amazing about this is how little thought and planning went into the watermelon. People usually cut the melon, slice it, and give it to each person on a plate or something. This time, no. This woman is ready to kill. This probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an online dating photo, but it’s not a bad picture per se. It’s funny and silly, and it makes you feel good. We like it!

A woman in a trash heap? Sounds Like Online Dating

Whether she meant to or not, this woman just made a perfect metaphor for online dating in general: she was lying on her back, trying to look as seductive, interesting, and interesting as possible while surrounded by trash. There has never been a more accurate portrayal of what it’s like to try to find a romantic partner online. This picture shows what it’s really like to try online dating. So, this picture probably won’t get her that many good dates, but it did serve a higher purpose: it’s a work of art that shows how hard it is to find love in the 21st century.

Wet, full of energy, and ready for love

We don’t know what kind of energy drink demon was inside this respectable young woman when she decided to completely drench herself with some kind of off-brand, red, seemingly Russian energy drink while posing for a photo on the riverbank, but we’d be lying if we said this photo didn’t have some kind of entertainment value. Is it a picture suitable for a dating site profile? Actually, no. But who knows, maybe the woman who used this picture was ahead of her time. Maybe she wouldn’t have liked anyone who didn’t like this picture.

Leopard camouflage is the best way to find a wife

Oh, just wait until the Tiger King gets his hands on this lady’s Russian dating app. Even with all the jokes, we have to say that she rocks that leopard-print suit more than we’re comfortable admitting. By making (and not breaking) that leopard onesie, she showed us and the whole idea of minimal fashion that we were wrong. We can only hope that she found the right person. You know, someone who would like her strange choices in clothes and patterns. She might still be looking, though, based on how she’s holding those flowers. We hope that everything goes well for her.

She prays to Putin every night, which is a huge red flag

Worshiping a politician is probably the one thing that should be a huge red flag for everyone. Like, there’s no way that could lead to anything good. Yes, there’s nothing good about that trait. There are a lot of red flags that people can work with, maybe even spin them into something positive. Some people, for example, can handle and even kind of enjoy being jealous.

Isn’t she a real catch?

So, when your friends finally convince you to try online dating after a bad breakup because “there are lots of fish in the sea,” this is what they mean. Yeah, sorry to dash your hopes, but this is real life, not a fairy tale, and in real life, people post pictures of themselves with huge fish on dating sites. The cold, hard truth is that. No offense to this woman, though, who posed for a picture that can only be called funny. We just don’t think it’s very romantic.

Look! It’s the sausage queen!

When a girl wears a crown made of real sausages on her head, you know she’s special. Girls like this are always different. But that’s not the only thing that makes this woman different. She also wears a necklace made of sausages. Now, this picture had to be taken in the heat of a barbecue, but maybe this person should have thought twice about putting it on a dating site. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure we know a lot of people who would have swiped right on this. Maybe this picture isn’t so bad after all. Possibly.

He will kill for you, but he will also clean up after you

Get a guy who can do both, girls. And when we say “both,” we mean someone who can kill someone and use a vacuum cleaner that is way too long to make sure your floor is clean and looks good. Usually, this type of guy is kind of hard to find. But not this time. He’s in this picture, right here. Go get ‘em, tiger!. We don’t know why someone would post a photo of themselves holding a gun or knife on an online dating site. As if online dating wasn’t scary enough before modern weapons were added.

Serious Serial Killer Vibes Here

We can’t be the only ones who feel like they’re in a scary movie and need to run for their lives because this person is about to kill them in their sleep, right? This young woman looks way too at ease with that axe in her hands. Also, she’s holding it close to the blade as if she doesn’t care about getting cut, which makes us think she doesn’t care about cutting us either. We’re going to give her credit where it’s due, though: this picture is a banger from a conceptual point of view. The axe and the green leaves really stand out against each other.

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