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Damar Hamlin’s Injury Should Be A Come -To-Jesus Moment For The NFL



The injury of Damar Hamlin, a college football standout and potential NFL draft pick, is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers of football. However, it should also serve as a wake-up call for the NFL. Damar’s injury has highlighted the need for the league to take greater steps to protect its players, both on and off the field. As the sport continues to evolve, it’s time for the NFL to adapt and make changes that will ensure the safety and well-being of its players.

Injuries In The NFL Are Becoming More And More Common:

Injuries In The NFL Are Becoming More And More Common

It’s a sad reality of modern football, but injuries in the NFL are becoming more and more common. In the 2020 season alone, an astonishing number of players were lost for the season due to injury – from major stars like Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley, to lesser-known players like Damar Hamlin. While some of these injuries were unavoidable accidents, there is growing concern that much of the blame lies with the way the NFL runs its game.

Players face immense physical demands every week, playing in a sport that has become increasingly fast-paced and contact-heavy. With teams facing shorter practices and less recovery time between games, players’ bodies are becoming increasingly worn down, leading to a higher rate of injury.

What’s more, there have been major advancements in helmet technology in recent years, yet the NFL has done little to ensure that all players have access to the latest gear. Studies have also shown that subpar equipment can lead to an increased risk of concussions and other head injuries.

The increasing rate of injuries in the NFL is an undeniable problem, and one that needs to be addressed if the league is to remain a safe environment for its players.

These Injuries Are Often Career-Ending:

These Injuries Are Often Career-Ending

Injuries in the NFL have become a major issue, with many players suffering serious and potentially career-ending injuries on a regular basis. Just recently, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Damar Hamlin sustained a season-ending knee injury in practice. This was not an isolated incident – similar injuries occur far too often in the NFL. 

Most of the time, these injuries are cause by physical contact between players. It could be due to a tackle gone wrong, a bad block, or simply due to the sheer physicality of the sport. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can have serious long-term consequences. Oftentimes, they can be career-ending, as was the case with Damar Hamlin. 

A career-ending injury can devastate a player’s livelihood. Many players have had to retire early due to these types of injuries, leaving them unable to continue playing the game they love. Even if they manage to recover, there is no guarantee that they will ever return to their former level of play. 

These types of injuries also have an emotional impact on the player’s family and friends. This can be difficult for them to accept that their love one’s career has cut short due to injury. It can also take a toll on their finances, as the player may not be able to receive the same type of salary that they were making before the injury. 

It is clear that these injuries are often career-ending, and it is important for the NFL to take steps to reduce their occurrence. Only then will the league be able to protect its players from these devastating injuries.

The NFL Needs to do Something to Protect Its Players:

The NFL Needs to do Something to Protect Its Players

The recent injury to Steelers safety Damar Hamlin serves as an example of why the NFL needs to do more to protect its players. Hamlin, who suffered a torn ACL during a preseason practice, is likely out for the year and his career could be over. Injuries like this are becoming all too common in the NFL, with players often suffering career-ending injuries due to contact that would be consider illegal in other sports.

The NFL must take action to ensure that players are better protected from potentially career-ending injuries. The league has made some progress in recent years, instituting stricter rules on hits to the head and neck area, but there is still more work to be done. A focus on increasing education around safe tackling techniques and proper use of protective equipment would be a start. Additionally, the league should look into ways to reduce the number of repetitions taken by players during practices and games, which could help reduce the likelihood of injuries. 

The league also needs to invest in research and development in order to create safer playing conditions and better protection for athletes. The NFL should consider investing in technologies that can better monitor the health of players, such as sensors that track acceleration and impact forces. By developing a better understanding of the biomechanics of injuries, the league can better understand how to prevent them. 

It is important that the NFL takes action to protect its players. Not only will this help keep athletes safe, but it will also help preserve the game for future generations of football fans. With the right investments and initiatives, the NFL can make sure that players remain healthy and that the sport remains enjoyable for everyone involved.

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