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I’m 100 percent in agreement with 19 celebrities who say they’re done with dieting.



Even with the rise of body-positive and self-love activities, diets and body-shaming aren’t going away anytime soon – in fact, they might be getting worse.

Every day, we look through hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs that have been modified with Photoshop or filters to achieve an appearance that is out of reach for most people.

We have been persuaded to believe that being healthy entails regular exercise, weight-loss juice cleanses, meal planning, and clean eating with no “junk” foods because we live in a digital age. Is this, however, genuinely healthy? Is it true that adhering to a regular routine and avoiding items you enjoy equals wellness? Shouldn’t the purpose of moving our bodies be to reduce stress and screen time rather than to lose weight? Being healthy is important to me.

1. Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart has always been a strong supporter of body positivity and rejecting arbitrary aesthetic standards. On May 3, the star used her Instagram stories to criticize celebrities for fostering a poisonous diet culture and messaging about how bodies should seem. Kim Kardashian’s rigorous Met Gala diet, which led to her shedding 16 pounds in just three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s outfit, was the target of Reinhart’s insults.

2. Camila Mendes

After giving up dieting in 2018 and conquering a long battle with restrictive eating, Camila Mendes describes herself as a “fertile renaissance goddess.” The actress claims that her life and happiness have improved dramatically since she ended her destructive relationship with food and that she now accepts her natural figure rather than attempting to fit into society’s beauty standards.

“I’ve given up hope of finding a slimmer, happier version of myself on the other side of all the hard work. While eating nutrient-dense foods and exercising consistently will make you healthier, it will not necessarily make you thinner, and the current system fails to recognize this fact. I’m weary of the media’s toxic message that being skinny is the ideal body type. The ideal body type is a healthy physique, which will look different for each individual. I’m done with diets “Camila stated, encouraging her fans to ditch their bad eating habits as well.

3. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, a body-positive supermodel, has been empowering herself and others all over the world for years. She has eschewed the term “plus-size,” arguing in her podcast series Pretty Big Deal that women should not be classified in any way. Graham uses her platform to promote body acceptance and help women accept themselves for who they are.

Graham has found what works for her after years of yo-yo dieting. Green smoothies, salmon, and a lot of quinoa are examples of nutrient-dense foods that are both full and good for the body. She, on the other hand, isn’t scared to give in to her desires. That’s why, she has a “French fry, hamburger night.”

4. Jameela Jamil

Jamil has made it her mission to expose toxic diet culture, calling out celebrities and influencers who promote hazardous diets like slim teatoxes, hunger suppressant pills, and fad diets. She founded the I Weigh online community and podcast to assist others to find self-love, a positive body image, and overall happiness.

Jamil remarked on Instagram, “I am so sick of the falsehoods.” “When I was younger, I was plagued by eating issues. I bought all these awful items and followed their terrible, crippled, and toxic diet suggestions for how they kept their little weight… and I messed up my metabolism.

I harmed my fertility, became enslaved, and became psychologically unwell. As a developing teen, I was infatuated and didn’t eat for nearly three years. I’m not going to stop until we teach people how to be better allies to women and stop selling us this nonsense and language that isn’t medically sound. 

5. Bridget Malcolm

Bridget Malcolm, a senior Victoria’s Secret beauty, took a personal vow in August 2018 to make peace with her body and stop dieting for good. She talked about her decade-long battle with disordered eating and the continual pressure to reduce weight while working for the brand in her blog post.

“It was unrelenting. My body was starving, my mind was malnourished.” “It was terribly exploitative what that company represented for me and so many other women,” Malcolm told 60 Minutes. “There was this culture that said if you just stay, if you get a little skinnier, if you keep doing what we want you to do, you’ll be an Angel and you’ll be world-famous and it’ll be fantastic.”

Since leaving the VS runway, the model has become more powerful than ever, and she has worked to bring attention to the less glamorous side of the modeling industry.

“I realized I was choosing the easy path by stressing over my body… I was taking the egotistical route. I refused to do anything unpleasant or body-related after that. When friends brought up the subject of body language, I turned it off and refused to engage. Instead of looking in the mirror, I would read a book. “When it came to dinner, I ordered exactly what I wanted,” she wrote. “But, most importantly, I spoke lovely things to myself when I saw my body mirrored back at me.” I made the decision to take charge of my own destiny.

6. Mia Kang

When Mia Kang first started modeling, she was told she needed to drop weight right away. When she realized she didn’t like it, she decided to turn off the light and tell everyone to *kindly* screw off and mind their own business. She discovered her passion for Muay Thai boxing and began training like an athlete, which required her to fuel her body. Fasting, juice diets, and low-calorie days are no longer an option. She now adores herself and all of her flaws, inspiring others around the world to do the same.

“The industry has an unreachable standard of beauty that isn’t centered on health, and that needs to change.” This dysmorphia is caused by it. “It creates us vs ourselves,” she said on TODAY with Megyn Kelly. The model weighed 99 pounds at her heaviest. “I recall being ecstatic to have reached double digits.” It becomes second nature to your body. You learn to function with very little. It was nothing out of the ordinary for me to go four days without eating.”

7. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence spoke up on the film industry’s attitude toward body image during Elle’s Women in Hollywood event in 2017. She talked about a personal incident she had early in her career when a female producer urged her to lose a lot of weight for one of her parts, 15 pounds in two weeks to be exact. The actress has been a proponent of body positivity and anti-dieting since this “humiliating” and “degrading” event.

Lawrence only died once, in the 2018 film Red Sparrow, when she played a ballerina. She claims she’s learned since then that diets aren’t for her. Lawrence told Vanity Fair, “I can’t work on a diet.” “I’m starving.” I’m standing up straight. “I’m running low on energy.”

8. Lizzo

Lizzo is a body positivity icon who is always preaching weight acceptance and appreciating one’s body regardless of size. In 2020, the Grammy-winning artist received fire after posting a TikTok video recounting her 10-day smoothie diet. Critics said that the artist was fostering a poisonous diet culture, which they described as “triggering” for people who suffer from eating disorders. Lizzo explained on her Instagram story that she didn’t go on the detox to lose weight, but rather to cleanse and rejuvenate her body. She urged her fans and followers to embrace their bodies unconditionally, admitting that she is still working on it.

9. Kirsten Dunst

Lizzo is a body positivity advocate who preaches weight acceptance and respecting one’s body regardless of size. After sharing a TikTok video describing her 10-day smoothie diet in 2020, the Grammy-winning performer faced backlash. Critics said that the artist was cultivating a hazardous food culture that was “triggering” for people with eating problems. Lizzo said in her Instagram story that she went on the detox to cleanse and renew her body, not to lose weight. She urged her fans and followers to accept themselves as they are, acknowledging that she is still working on it.

10. Melissa McCarthy

When it comes to themes like weight reduction and body positivity, Melissa McCarthy has been an inspiration to many. The performer has made it obvious that she doesn’t give a damn what other people say about her weight, a subject she’s been asked about numerous times.

McCarthy went on an intense diet for the last — and only — time a few years after landing the role of Sookie on Gilmore Girls. She tried an all-liquid diet under the supervision of a doctor and lost 70 pounds in four months. She told People magazine, “I’d never do that again.” “Half of the time, I felt famished and insane.”

11. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence, a model, has had enough. She shared side-by-side photos of herself as a teen and today on Instagram to show how the relentless desire to obtain the “ideal figure” can have a bad impact on one’s mental health. She discussed fat-shaming and highlighted the toxic diet culture in the modeling and advertising industries in the caption.

12. Gigi Hadid

From Paris to New York, London to Milan, Gigi Hadid has walked in every fashion week. However, because of her athletic build, many people initially doubted her ability to excel on the catwalk.

Yolanda Hadid, her mother, is no angel either. Yolanda was caught on camera urging Gigi to diet so she could be “on the slender side” and chastising her for eating her own graduation cake during a RHOBH shoot. Gigi didn’t let the criticism get to her, and she didn’t let her Hashimoto’s disease issues bring negativity into her life. She continues to eat clean for her overall health and job, but she does indulge in a burger now and then to keep herself sane.

13. Lena Dunham

Shaming others for their weight or suggesting that everyone should strive for the “slim ideal” is and has always been incorrect. Diet culture instills in us the belief that we must control everything we put in our mouths as if we were programmed robots rather than human beings. It irritates me! It also irritates Lena Dunham. In an Instagram post, Dunham stated that there is so much time spent thinking about body image and weight reduction that should be spent doing something that ignites our spirits.

14. Amelia Gray

In an honest appearance on the Skinny Confidential podcast in 2019, Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, discussed her battle with anorexia. She admits to restricting her food for 25 days to soup and the master cleanse, which entails drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper. Delilah Belle Hamlin, her sister, and her parents eventually questioned her about her substantial weight reduction.

15. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has never shied away from speaking out against diet culture and its effects on mental health as an eating disorder victim. Yes, the singer sometimes goes too far, such as when they dubbed a LA fro-yo store #DietCultureVultures for pushing low-sugar items as “guilt-free” (those with diabetes, too!) But, at the very least, Lovato’s goal was correct, reiterating that messages like these can encourage disordered eating, hurt those in recovery, and intensify society’s thin-ideal beauty standards.

16. Adele

In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Adele disclosed sensitive facts about her lifestyle and comments about her health journey. She claims she started working out not to lose weight, but to help her cope with the “paralyzing” anxiety she was experiencing following her divorce.

“I’m not surprised or particularly bothered,” Adele told Winfrey, “since my body has been objectified my entire career.” “I was body-positive back then, and I am now.”

17. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, a former model, has had a tumultuous relationship with the scale and diets for most of her life. However, after years of “ups and downs” with food restrictions, the author of Cravings decided in 2021 that life is too short to say no to the foods she enjoys.

She told People magazine, “I’ve thrown all of that out the window.” “I think it’s more essential for me to enjoy things as they come at this stage in my life… I eat what I want when I want it. Because if I don’t, my mind will go insane.”

“I’ve spent far too many years counting calories, scheduling far too many workouts, and attempting to find out what my personal definition of wellbeing was,” says the author.

18. Sam Claflin

It’s also crucial to remember that male performers are also under a lot of stress to reduce weight. It isn’t discussed nearly enough, and it should be. While working in the film industry, Sam Claflin opened up to The Sydney Morning Herald about his struggles with body image and self-confidence. Men have long been pressured to be strong and toned, but in today’s digital age, where physical beauty is valued equally by men and women, the aim of achieving unattainable body standards is promoted nonstop, one mirror selfie at a time.

19. Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi, along with countless other actors, has been a victim of people talking about his body rather than his acting. In a 2020 interview with Men’s Health magazine, Jacob Elordi shared that he hit the gym seven days a week, twice per day, for his role in The Kissing Booth, out of fear of not being what the script wanted him to be. 

“At the time, I was super young and got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body… it really bothered me,” Elordi said.

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