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Seriously Easy-Going Brides Who Deserve A Standing Ovation



Being a bride on your wedding day is a huge responsibility. There’s so much to plan and coordinate, so many people to keep happy, and so much that can go wrong. But, some brides are able to remain incredibly cool, calm, and collected throughout their wedding planning and on their big day. These easygoing brides deserve a standing ovation for the way they embraced their wedding day and enjoyed every moment of it. From their stress-free approach to their carefree attitude, these brides have set the bar high when it comes to wedding day poise.

The Bride Who Didn’t Let The Rain Ruin Her Day: 

The Bride Who Didn't Let The Rain Ruin Her Day

When the forecast called for rain on the big day, this bride didn’t let it stop her from having her dream wedding. Despite the bad weather, she chose to embrace the moment, and it ended up being one of the most memorable days of her life. She didn’t let a little rain dampen her spirits, and for that she deserves a standing ovation!

The Bride Who Decided To Go Barefoot: 

The Bride Who Decided To Go Barefoot

Going barefoot is a trend that has been growing in popularity for weddings in recent years. Many brides are choosing to embrace the freedom and express their individuality by going without shoes on their special day. One bride who decided to take the plunge was Stephanie, who got married in a stunning outdoor ceremony in California. She wore a beautiful long white dress and opted to go barefoot instead of wearing heels. With the grass between her toes, Stephanie enjoyed the feeling of the warm earth and the summer breeze blowing through her hair as she said her vows. Her decision to go barefoot was both daring and beautiful, and certainly earned her a standing ovation from all in attendance!

The Bride Who Made Her Own Bouquet: 

The Bride Who Made Her Own Bouquet

For the DIY bride who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, making her own bouquet is a great way to save money and put a personal touch on her special day. From selecting the perfect flowers to assembling them into an eye-catching arrangement, this bride put in the extra effort to create something truly unique. The end result was nothing short of breathtaking and certainly deserves a standing ovation!

The Bride Who Decided To Do A First Look With Her Dad:

A special moment for any bride is when she sees her father for the first time on her wedding day. For one particular bride, she decided to take that moment one step further and actually have a first look with her dad. Before she walked down the aisle, she spent some quality time with her dad and took a moment to share this special moment. As they both looked into each other’s eyes, it was a beautiful moment of love and happiness. It was certainly a touching moment and one that the bride, her dad, and all of the wedding guests will never forget.

The Bride Who Decided To Elope: 

The Bride Who Decided To Elope

For some brides, the traditional wedding is just not for them. Eloping is a great alternative, and these brides deserve to be applauded for their decision. Whether they wanted to avoid the stress of planning or simply wanted to keep their ceremony intimate, these brides chose to make the moment theirs. It’s a brave choice, and one that often comes with exciting stories. With elopements becoming increasingly popular, these brides prove that you can still have the perfect day without all the bells and whistles.

The Bride Who Decided To Have A Small Wedding:

The Bride Who Decided To Have A Small Wedding

This bride was determined to make her special day as perfect and intimate as possible, so she chose to keep the guest list small and only invite those closest to her. Despite having a smaller wedding, she made sure that her day was full of love and joy by celebrating with her nearest and dearest. She also managed to save money by not having to hire as many vendors or buy as much food, decorations, and other materials. She proves that you don’t have to have a big and extravagant wedding to make it special.

The Bride Who Had Her Dog In The Wedding: 

The Bride Who Had Her Dog In The Wedding

Many brides are looking for unique and creative ways to make their wedding day special. For one bride, that meant including her beloved pup in the ceremony. Despite the challenges posed by having a four-legged guest at her nuptials, she made it work, and the end result was a truly heartwarming moment that she and her guests will never forget. From custom tuxedos and flower collars to special songs and even a few puppy smooches, this bride’s pup was an integral part of her wedding day, and she deserves a standing ovation for her dedication and creativity!

The Bride Who Decided To Get Married In Her Backyard: 

The Bride Who Decided To Get Married In Her Backyard

For this bride, getting married in the comfort and privacy of her own backyard was the perfect choice. She wanted to keep her wedding day intimate and relaxed, and having the ceremony in her own backyard made it even more special. Not only did she save money by avoiding pricey venue rentals, but she was also able to personalize the entire experience and create a beautiful atmosphere with flowers and other decorations of her choosing. This easygoing bride was applauded for the effortless choice that allowed her to keep the focus on the most important part of the day: the celebration of love.

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