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People Who Regret Their Online Purchases in a Comedic Way



Social networking and online purchasing are inextricably linked. It’s nearly impossible to open TikTok or Instagram without being confronted by a marketer trying to sell you something. Many of us have succumbed to social media advertising and decided to bite the bullet and place an order or request a service, only to be disappointed when we receive something that does not resemble what we expected. Continue reading for the funniest scenarios that can make you reconsider your future internet purchases!

Your Very Own Flippers Are Built-In To These New Jeans.

Everyone enjoys receiving free gifts, but just because something is free does not guarantee that it is of good quality. This woman thought she had found the perfect pair of skinny jeans with slightly flared bottoms after glancing at them. The jeans were a good fit for her, although the ends of the pants were a little strange. They appeared to be designed for giants with flippers rather than human feet. This is the first time we’ve seen a jean design like this, and we hope it’s the last. The flipper portion of the pants, fortunately, may be hemmed off.

With a truly shoddy-made gown, online shopping retaliates.

When it comes to online shopping, you’d think that everyone would have recognized by now that cheaper does not always imply better. Gowns are pricey, but there are a slew of amazing rental choices that allow you to get your hands on designer outfits for a fraction of the price of buying a dud online. This woman decided to throw caution to the wind once more and purchase “the” outfit. This dress exudes the polar opposite of ‘Wow’ and a whole lot of ‘Can I get my money back?’ from the cheap fabric to the badly made bodice.

The Stricter the better it is Based On This Store’s Sizing.

Tight clothing is a personal choice, and not everyone makes it. Clothing with a lot of spandex is engineered to stretch to double its original size, which is rather astonishing. However, just because something can be stretched that far does not mean it should be worn or is intended to be worn at that size. This woman felt she had discovered the right appealing costume after looking high and low, and for a low price. The item we received was a little undersized, and the last time we checked, toddlers shouldn’t be wearing anything like this. This is a case of horribly incorrect size.

Always Bring A Tripod Because Not All Friends Make For Great Insta-Photographers.

If you don’t have any Instagram-worthy photos of you staring out at the sea, did you actually go on vacation? The answer would most likely be no for most people. The days of merely recalling a vacation fondly are long gone, with everyone feeling compelled to video and photograph every moment for all to see. This woman wanted the classic vacation photo, but her companions decided to make it a little more interesting. The shot isn’t horrible, but it’s hardly the most flattering we’ve ever seen. Rather than taking it seriously, her companions decided to have some fun with her.

When it comes to satin, one size does not fit all.

The issue with acquiring cheap apparel from fast fashion retailers online is that the size is variable. Perhaps you desire a slinky dress like the black one pictured here and order your usual size only to discover that it is incorrect. Since most of these stores do not use Western sizing, you should double-check the measurements stated for each item. This dress isn’t exactly high-end, and not only does it not fit, but the fabric appears to be made of trash bag material.

There’s Elmo, who’s having a good time. Then there’s Elmo, who’s had a rough go of it.

Elmo is one of the ‘Sesame Street’ characters who seems to be in a constant state of joy. He laughs if you tickle him, and he is continually making youngsters laugh on the show. According to these two cakes, Elmo ultimately grows up, and mature Elmo does not look to be ageing well. In fact, he appears to have picked up a couple of adult pastimes that he would be better off without. Someone definitely tried their hardest to make this cake, but something went wrong, and droopy sad Elmo has no place at a kid’s birthday party.

Nobody gets hurt by a little faux fur, and that’s exactly the point.

Fur is one of those contentious clothing materials that many designers are beginning to avoid. Nonetheless, there is a market for it, and one woman thought she was ready to purchase her first fur coat. However, she neglected to read the fine print on the internet, and while the image depicted what appeared to be real fur, the coat was really made of faux fur. The coat may not have been made of the materials she desired, but that is alright in this circumstance. I mean, the coat she did get isn’t all that horrible, right?

Nobody wanted the Incredible Hulk, yet he was given to someone.

The Incredible Hulk, often known as the angry green behemoth on the Avengers team, is the manifestation of Bruce Banner’s vicious rage. While many children enjoy Captain America or Iron Man, this three-year-old chose the Hulk as his personal favorite. His mother decided to get a pretty cool Hulk cake for him after seeing one advertised to make his birthday even more special. The bakery shop clearly said yes to the order and didn’t have much experience with speciality cakes, because the result is a somewhat blobby-looking Hulk.

If you can’t do a fade, admit it.

 Good haircuts are hard to come by, and this barber seemed to be unaware of his own limitations. This guy went to his neighborhood barbershop and gave his barber a snapshot of what he wanted. On top, she had a longish hairdo with a fade on the bottom. His barber suggested he could do it right away because it appeared to be a very basic cut. This poor guy received a cut that appears like it was done by a blindfolded two-year-old instead of a typical fade with some shaved lines.

Knock-offs aren’t worth it because you get what you pay for.

Not everyone can afford to pay full price for fashionable clothing. That is why the knock-off sector is thriving online, where it looks that you can purchase practically any goods for a fraction of the price. There are some good knockoffs, but nothing beats the real thing most of the time. This woman was desperate for this bright red garment and decided to take a chance and see what she would get.  The knock-off version, as expected, was far inferior to the original. It’s so terrible that it appears to be intended for use as a uniform rather than formal attire.

There was a little more decoration than what was seen on the website.

Body jewelry is one of those items that is extremely personal and reflects a person’s distinct style. This woman came upon the coolest double nose piercing she had seen in a long time while scanning some social media adverts. It had a chain over the bridge of the nose and had a very punk rock aspect to it that some businesses would not want their staff to wear. After trying on the nose jewelry and comparing it to the photos on the website, it was evident that this woman had been deceived. It now resembles something a bull may wear when being led around by its owner.

When ordering dresses online, always read the fine print.

Many online sellers that distribute fast fashion clothing that has been mass-produced in factories include some fine print on the item’s page under the ‘details’ section. The part will state that there may be minor variations from the image, which protects them in the event that they send out products that look like this garment. Not only is the outfit enormous, but it also lacks the feathers depicted in the original image. If this woman intended to wear this outfit out for a night on the town, she should reconsider her decision. If at all, this should be worn as a nightgown.

It’s Not Always a Good Idea to Say Yes To the Dress

Online shopping is the lifeblood of the globe. If you find anything you like, all you have to do is search for it and then click ‘Order.’ This woman was looking for a dress for a black-tie event and thought she had found it. The gown was glitzy and spectacular, which is exactly what you want from a gown. However, after receiving the outfit, something didn’t seem quite right. Not only did the material and color appear to be completely different from the photo on the website, but the entire dress also fit awkwardly. The lesson here is to always do your homework on online vendors and their product quality.

Because tattoos last a lifetime, choose a skilled artist.

Getting a tattoo requires a significant amount of dedication. You know it’ll be on your body for the rest of your life, so it should be something meaningful to you. This woman opted to have a small bee tattoo after much deliberation. The next step was choose which tattoo artist to use. As everyone who has gotten a tattoo knows, not all tattoo artists are created equal, and some are far more skilled and experienced than others. This tattoo was done by an artist who is neither of those things, and it appears more like a wasp drawn by a toddler than something a professional would do.

Beanies for dogs are available, although the sizing can be inconsistent.

You’ll notice hipsters wearing beanies in a range of earth-tone colors as soon as you step out onto the streets of Seattle or Portland. Is a hipster still a hipster if they don’t have a beanie on? Hipsters with dogs must want dog-sized beanies, according to online merchants, which means hipsters with dogs must want dog-sized beanies for their small pups. The reasoning is undeniable in this case. One dog owner purchased a beanie for her chihuahua so that they would match.

Knowing When You Can’t Do Something Is Part Of Being An Adult.

Adulting isn’t easy, but it’s something that everyone must do at some point. We grow up, purchase houses, pay bills, and perform all of the other day-to-day duties that are required to survive. This person wanted to celebrate the fact that she was finally living her best life and adulting, and a cake, especially one with a charming floral theme, seemed like a wonderful way to do it.

One anime cake is not the same as the others.

Everyone enjoys a good challenge, and getting compensated for it is even better. The issue about getting paid for it is that you still have to create a product that meets a certain level of quality. Looking at the reference photo for this Anime cake, we’d say this person under delivered on the cake. They would receive a medal for participation rather than placing if this were a marathon. Other than slicing into it and eating the icing, there isn’t much else we can do to better this cake, which we hope is a delicious cake on the inside.

Don’t pass judgment on the color; rather, pass judgment on the hair colorist’s lack of expertise.

Adding a bold color to your hair is a terrific approach to give yourself a makeover. It can be difficult to choose the perfect color, but that is where an experienced colorist comes in. They understand how to color match a photo and the procedures required to achieve that hue in your hair. It normally took a lot of bleach, toner, and a lot of time to process. The key is to hire a professional colorist.

A Toddler in a Tattoo Artist’s Body Reimagines Adam’s Creation

The Creation of Adam, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, is one of the most famous murals in the world, notably the section where the two fingers almost connect. It’s become a very popular tattoo to obtain, and many fine line tattoo artists have no qualms about tattooing it on their clientele. Hands, on the other hand, are difficult to draw, let alone tattoo.

The Colorist Is In Charge Of The Art Of Hair Dying

It takes a lot of guts to change your hair colour, especially if you’re going from brown or blonde to midnight blue. To rock a shade like that, you’ll need a lot of confidence, and you’ll want to be sure it looks nice after spending hours and hundreds of dollars on getting it just right. This woman sat in her colorist’s chair, getting ready for her new look.

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