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These Crazy Photos Show Just How winters were extreme In Canada



In winters every northern country becomes cold and freeze due to snow falling. But the coldest winters come in Canada. This year Canada faces the worst snow falling ever. It was hilarious and the worst winter ever. People of Canada made some crazy photos that show how these winters were hilarious. These freezing pictures make you wonder how the people of Canada suffered these winters. Some of the crazy pictures from the internet are following

“If you wish to Build A Snowman”

This crazy picture shows you the reality of winter storm. These people want to go outside to play and wish you built a Snowman but they got this situation and to please the Olaf they made snowman on their snowy door.

“So I guess we are stuck Inside Today”

What will happen when you open the door on ringing of door bell and you see this situation? You will realize soon that nobody is outside accepting snow and you are going to stay home today. 

You wish and hope heat or with something else he will melt, and snow friend will be gone till the next snowstorm.

An Intricate Igloo

This house became covered in ice and snow and looking like an igloo. It seems like a fairytale house or fortress of solitude. Who want to stay in this house? 

So you can assume it the “The Next Ice Age”

They fixed a dinosaur skeleton in snow door. It is like! “Hello everyone what are you guys doing? Is there anything to eat? I am hungry from millions of years☺.”

“Whose Turn Is It To Shovel The Driveway?”

I m sure there must be use some heavy machines to make this driveway. It must be interesting to see how they built these walls. 

“My Car disappear”

Your boss asked you to reach office on urgent basis and you suddenly notice your car disappear. You are like “where is my car”. This picture is really hilarious. I am actually worried how would he reach office on time? He is searching for his car and it is right under his nose.

Should I go inside or not?

I am sure dog was not able to see other side of fence before blizzard create perfect platform for him. The snow level is so high that dong was able to see other side of fence which he was never before. 

Canadian Romantic Settings:

It is really hard to go outside in Canada in winters. It becomes impossible after snowstorm. This picture shows how they made a Romantic setting for themselves. 

“I Found a Car”:

The man dig many hours to find his car and finally he found a car. But soon he realizes it’s not his car. How tired and hopeless he became. It is really hard and time taking to dig snow. But these types of mishaps are usual in Canada. 

It happens when you leave The Sunroof Open

Some mishaps give you a hard lesson. He currently got her driving license and he did this blunder. He forgets to open the sunroof and it was record snowstorm on Canada. It’s time to shovel this Snow outside the car. 

Where Did The Houses Go?

What would happen of someone inside is claustrophobic. It is so scary site. Hope all of them inside are fine. They trapped inside their houses after the record snowstorm. 

“Stop Sign is little down”:

At least people who drove would able to find the street numbers and stop sign. This picture captured after snow storm. It was really heavy snow falling.

When you successfully dig your car:

An iceberg right on his car was like an iceberg that destroyed the titanic. This man digs all the snow and found his car but little bite ice on windshield of car which was not easy to dig. 

Looking like Horror Movie Scene Or Blizzard:

It is seems like horror movie location. If you will go inside some moisture will caught you and if you go outside you will be freeze. It is really scary and horror. 

Dog Is Trying To Dig His Way Out:

He made his own doggy snow house. It has air-conditioning and yellow snow flooring. It may little congested snow house but he prefers the warmth of his human’s home.

It may up to 7 ft tall:

This man in the picture is 6 feet tall and the snow is much taller than him. So it proves that it was a heavy snowstorm and the snow was up to 7 ft tall. It may not be 8 ft but it was over 7 ft.  This heavy snow wall shows they cannot go outside for few days. But what would happen if boss want him in office?

It’s Time to Hibernate:

This picture is clear witness of bad snowstorm. The people of this house must be stuck in this buried house. All sides of house covered with heavy snow wall. So they may be hibernating for few days unlit snow will melt.

Redecorating The Front Yard of house:

It seems like the people of this house are trying to create a castle for the likes of Elsa and Anna from Frozen. It must be created after lots of dedication. I guess when postman will come, he will feel like he is entering some other world through this snow tunnel.

When you got wireless Fridge:

Hope you would be happy after getting this wireless fridge. You can get chilled cold drinks just next to the door. People may enjoy the trouble to mind relaxation. 

Snow wall stopped you to dig more:

This would happen after heavy snowstorm, people try to dig the snow to release their cars but what happened if a strong snow wall in the middle. And what happen when plow back and waste the hours of hard work of shoveling.  The life is so difficult for Canadians in winters. 

Build A Wall

They were unable to reach the road even after making a snow wall. It was very hard working and time taking but the road is still far away. This pictured may confuse some people that if he is digging to search the road or making a giant snow wall.

“Why it is here?”

I am wondering how snow go inside. It must be a huge snowstorm with a strong snowdrift. Now it will problematic to start the engine of car and what if he will try to remove the snow. 

Do u Know about this before?

You may not know that snow is a great insulator despite people associating it with being cold? Now their basement has full insulation even though they can’t escape. Hope he will not any urgent call from his boss. 

 It seems like The Cars Are Sinking

It is sure they aren’t going anywhere for few days. The cars seem like sinking in water. 

In  Georgia people were got emergency for an inch of snow. imagine what they would do if they got about 8ft? Canadians are so brave and hardworking and have courage to face these storms. 

 Pathways To Get To The Car

It was a drone shot which is really amazing. it is really amazing to see how people made pathways for themselves. It also shows their hard work and courage. 

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